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    Bristol-Myers Squibb suspended a mid-stage study of its experimental hepatitis C drug BMS-094 due to a serious safety issue — a major blow to the company’s research pipeline that is also likely to rejigger the way Wall Street views other companies’ efforts to develop an all-oral therapy against the viral liver disease.

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    Large regional banks continue to outperform the money center banks, despite the compelling stock price multiples for the largest bank holding companies.

  • Horizon Pharma should hear good news from U.S. regulators Thursday about its rheumatoid arthritis drug Rayos. Full approval of the drug should be in the bag.

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    Generic competition will be the major headwind that Bristol-Myers Squibb faces this quarter, as its blockbuster drug Plavix — which saw U.S. sales peak at $7 billion last year — went off patent in May.

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    Biotech earnings kick off tomorrow, with Biogen reporting pre-market. Biotech has been an exciting space to watch with the sector outperforming the major indices.

  • Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson reports earnings Tuesday and is always an important read for the quarter.

  • Find out which second-quarter top performer got the most votes.

  • Biotech

    With the weight loss market heating up, stocks like Arena Pharmaceuticals may be spelling out a big rally for the drug retail space.

  • The Public & Private Battle to Fund Cancer Research

    Patrick Kennedy, One Mind for Research co-founder; John Boockvar, Weill Cornell Medical College; and Franklin Berger, PDL BioPharma senior advisor, discuss an initiative calling on private investors to join in and fund the battle against cancer.

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    Despite the flurry of debate surrounding ObamaCare, which the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on later this week, two managing directors emphasized the new products that will be emerging from pharmaceutical companies’ pipelines soon.

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    Some advice to Arena Pharmaceuticals bull: Cherish the moment, but sell the stock.

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    Newly released documents reveal that Pfizer presented a study falsely claiming that its arthritis drug, Celebrex, was safer on the stomach than competing drugs, the New York Times reports. 

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    Celgene’s decision to halt efforts to bring its blockbuster drug Revlimid to European might signal that it’s time to rethink the stock, “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer said Thursday.

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    European regulators have rejected Celgene’s request for an expanded approval of its multiple myeloma drug Revlimid to treat newly diagnosed patients, a stunning setback that slams the brakes on the company's growth.

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    Johnson & Johnson was one of the few Dow components to rise Wednesday, boosted by three analyst upgrades and the closure of its $19.7 billion acquisition of medical-device maker Synthes, The stock also vastly outperformed the rest of the large-cap pharma sector.

  • Supreme Court Decision: What's At Stake for Big Pharma?

    Barbara Ryan, Deutsche Bank Securities senior pharmaceutical analyst, takes a look at the vital signs of big drug companies and weighs in on what to expect from the Supreme Court's ruling on President Obama's health care overhaul plan.

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    With Treasury rates at record lows, investors are looking to high yielding, but slow growing pharmaceutical stocks, for more return.

  • The "Mad Money" host sits down with Harvey Berger to talk prospects and products in the pipeline.

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    Here are some snap biotech and drug stock judgments after a weekend spent at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting.

  • Healthcare cost

    Workplace insurers are used to making billions of dollars in payments each year. Now they are dealing with another fast-growing cost — payouts to workers with routine injuries who have been treated with strong painkillers.