Biotech and Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals

  • Why the “Mad Money” host is bullish on both pharmaceutical stocks.

  • Cramer's Specialty Drug Plays in Big Pharma

    Mad Money's Jim Cramer, explains how big drug makers like, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers could pay off big time for investors.

  • Johnson & Johnson

    The company reported quarterly earnings that beat analysts' expectations but issued guidance that disappointed traders, sending its shares briefly lower in pre-market trading on Tuesday.

  • Cramer thinks so. Here’s one stock, in particular, that he thinks could continue to rally.

  • Patent Pain Mostly Over for Big Pharma

    Mad Money's Cramer says the worst of the patent expirations is over for many of the big pharma companies and that's why investors can now own the best of them, like Merck.

  • Cramer's Vanity Play: ZELTIQ Aesthetics

    Gordie Nye, ZELTIQ Aesthetics CEO, discusses the company's FDA approved technology for removing fat, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer.

  • In 2010, the average U.S. worker had been with his or her employer for 4.4 years, according to the  That’s a far cry from the 20-year tenure that’s been the American worker’s ideal since time immemorial, and it’s an indicator of an uncomfortable reality -- jobs just don’t last like they used to.While it may not always be possible to stay with the same employer for a few decades, it’s still possible to stay with one profession over the long haul. No matter how the job market changes, and no matte

    Jobs just don’t last like they used to, but it’s still possible to stay with one profession over the long haul. Click to see what some of them are.

  • Cramer's Speculative Biotech Play: Regeneron

    Len Schleifer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals CEO, discusses smart biotech investing and growth prospects in the company's pipeline, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer.

  • Dendreon CEO: Oncology Investments

    Dendreon's revenues for its solo product, Provenge, has more than tripled from a year ago. Insight on the drug's treatment of prostate cancer and an outlook on the healthcare sector, with Mitchell Gold, Dendreon president/CEO.

  • Sanofi CEO's 2012 Health Care Outlook

    A check up on the health care sector, with Chris Viehbacher, Sanofi-Aventis CEO, who shares his outlook for 2012.

  • Alkermes expects FDA approval for its new diabetes drug this month, but that might not be enough to make the stock worth buying, trader Guy Adami said.

  • stethoscope_money_200.jpg

    As the JPMorgan Health Care conference kicks off this week, one question remains for investors in the biotech space. What’s the next takeover target as large drug makers look to build out their pipeline?

  • Health Care & the  State of Biotech

    Richard Pops, Alkermes chairman & CEO, discusses the challenges facing the health care industry; FDA approval of a once weekly diabetes drug, and other promising new drug candidates.

  • Cost of healthcare

    Americans have not increased spending on healthcare since 2009, according to a National Health Expenditures report.

  • BMY Buys Inhibitex for $2.5B

    Idenix is up on Inhibitex deal. The traders take a look at Bristol Meyers acquisition of Inhibitex for $2.6 billion.

  • A partnership with one of the world’s largest biotech companies means a strong year ahead for Isis Pharmaceuticals, CEO Stanley Crooke said Wednesday on “Fast Money.”

  • stethascope_american_flag_2_200.jpg

    Pharmaceutical giants’ profits could take a "double-dip" hit next year from patent expirations on blockbuster drugs and President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, according to a report from CreditSights, a credit market research firm.

  • Cramer: Cash in on Covidien Break Up.

    Breaking up can be a fantastic way to send a stock higher, says Mad Money's Jim Cramer, and now that Covidien is spinning off its pharma business, it unlocks a lot of value for shareholders, and is a screaming "buy".

  • Out of the blue-chip stocks that saw an increased dividend Monday, “Fast Money” pro Guy Adami liked one of them: Pfizer.

  • Find out why the “Mad Money” host thinks this name is a good speculative bet.