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  • Health Care & the  State of Biotech

    Richard Pops, Alkermes chairman & CEO, discusses the challenges facing the health care industry; FDA approval of a once weekly diabetes drug, and other promising new drug candidates.

  • Cost of healthcare

    Americans have not increased spending on healthcare since 2009, according to a National Health Expenditures report.

  • BMY Buys Inhibitex for $2.5B

    Idenix is up on Inhibitex deal. The traders take a look at Bristol Meyers acquisition of Inhibitex for $2.6 billion.

  • A partnership with one of the world’s largest biotech companies means a strong year ahead for Isis Pharmaceuticals, CEO Stanley Crooke said Wednesday on “Fast Money.”

  • stethascope_american_flag_2_200.jpg

    Pharmaceutical giants’ profits could take a "double-dip" hit next year from patent expirations on blockbuster drugs and President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, according to a report from CreditSights, a credit market research firm.

  • Cramer: Cash in on Covidien Break Up.

    Breaking up can be a fantastic way to send a stock higher, says Mad Money's Jim Cramer, and now that Covidien is spinning off its pharma business, it unlocks a lot of value for shareholders, and is a screaming "buy".

  • Out of the blue-chip stocks that saw an increased dividend Monday, “Fast Money” pro Guy Adami liked one of them: Pfizer.

  • Find out why the “Mad Money” host thinks this name is a good speculative bet.

  • Pfizer's Lost Patent on Lipitor

    The biggest selling prescription of all time has lost its patent while generic drug makers are developing cheaper versions. Insight on the pharmaceuticals that will be the winners over the battle over Lipitor, with Catherine Arnold, Credit Suisse managing director/senior analyst.

  • Life After Lipitor

    Discussing whether Pfizer doing enough to replace the lost revenue from Lipitor, with Tim Chiang, CRT Capital Group, and Catherine Arnold, Credit Suisse. They also discuss what a restructured Pfizer look like in 2012.

  • pfizer_hq.jpg

    For the last year, Pfizer has been laying the groundwork to combat the looming competition against Lipitor, forging deals with insurers, pharmacy benefit managers and patients to meet or beat the price of its generic replacements, the New York Times reports.

  • Lipitor Goes Generic

    The generic version of Lipitor will begin shipping today. Insight with Paul Bisaro, Watson Pharmaceuticals president/CEO.

  • Unusual Activity: VRUS

    A look at the heavy call buying in Pharmasset, with Jon Najarian.

  • Cramer: Five Reason to Own Abbott Labs

    In a special Salute to the Troops episode of Mad Money, Jim Cramer introduces his father, Ken Cramer, a World War II veteran, and gives investors five reasons they should protect their portfolios with shares of Abbott Labs.

  • Amylin CEO on Exenatide

    Dan Bradbury, Amylin CEO, discusses paying Lilly $250M upfront and $1.2B of future sales for the rights to Exenatide, the once weekly version of diabetes drug, Byetta, that's pending FDA approval.

  • merck_logo.jpg

    The pharmaceutical company reported third-quarter profit and revenue above analyst forecasts on Friday, and said it expected mid-sigle digit revenue growth  for the full year.

  • stethoscop_pills_form_200.jpg

    Is legislated healthcare reform here to stay? As we watch the presidential race heat up – and look to a Supreme Court ruling this summer — no one knows for sure. Regardless, we as a nation need to realize that traditional thinking around healthcare is forever changed.

  • Will Allergan Raise It's Guidance?

    David Pyott, Allergan chairman/CEO, discusses the company's earnings, and products in the big pharma pipeline, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer.

  • Eli Lilly CEO on Q3 Results

    A breakdown of the pharma giant's earnings, with John Lechleiter, Eli Lilly chairman/president/CEO, who shares where the company is seeing revenue growth.

  • Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson's third-quarter profit fell 6 percent becuase larger overhead and production costs and a one-time charge offset higher foreign sales.