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    With great debate, the Eurozone will slowly but surely move to the next stage – the Greek exit – in the coming months. The question is not whether it will happen. The question is whether it will be orderly or disorderly.

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    The Islamist candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood will face former President Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister in a runoff to become Egypt’s first freely elected president, several independent vote counts concluded Friday morning, the NYT reports.

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    The euro's nosedive has taken it to levels where some are wondering if a reversal is at hand.

  • Hamilton E. James and Barack Obama

    President Obama's attacks on Bain Capital is testing a bond formed by Bill Clinton, who showed that Democrats could be both populist and friendly to Wall Street, The New York Times reports.

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    There has been no global recession but negative sentiment and maximum uncertainty are clouding the reality of the situation, Frank Appel, Deutsche Post’s CEO told CNBC on “Worldwide Exchange.”

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    Ever wondered why European politicians appear so calm when attending summits in Brussels or G8 meetings despite all the talk of a “Grexit” and economic Armageddon?

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    This Memorial Day weekend, motorists will find gasoline plentiful and at the lowest price it’s been for two years. Good news. And it may get better. The Christian Science Monitor reports.

  • Egypt made history on Wednesday as it kicked off its first free presidential election and put its fragile democratic transition to the test. Just over 50 million eligible citizens are expected to cast their votes over the course of two days.

  • Jim O'Neill

    Strong demand for Germany’s two-year bonds, which offer nothing in return, shows that opening Pandora’s Box in Europe has sapped investor confidence, Jim O'Neill, chairman at Goldman Sachs Asset Management told CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange.”

  • European Bank Note

    European leaders meet in Brussels this evening for an informal dinner being billed as a showdown between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande over the tricky issue of Eurobonds—bonds issued by the EU and backed by euro zone members collectively.

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    To alleviate Europe’s debt crisis, Cramer thinks these two measures need to be taken.

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    It's a GOP attack ad, but with a soft approach, and it's expected to become one of the most heavily broadcast commercials of this phase of the general election, The New York Times reports.

  • Larry Lindsey Talks Politics

    Lawrence Lindsey, The Lindsey Group, president & CEO, discusses his views on Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and says Mitt Romney has a shot at winning the White House, but will most likely lose.

  • Dick Bove

    JPMorgan Chase is one of the best banks in the U.S., with some of the best managers in the industry, and one trading error will not change that, Richard Bove, vice president of equity research, financial sector, at Rochdale Securities, told CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange.”

  • Lindsey: JPMorgan's Trading Loss is a Washington Power Grab

    Larry Lindsey, The Lindsey Group, president & CEO, discusses why he thinks Washington wants full capital control of Wall Street and why Congress should do their own job before investigating another company.

  • Market uptick

    The markets have been oversold amid intense pessimism and a relief rally will be on its way within the next month, David Murrin, chief investment officer at alternative investment firm Emergent Asset Management, told CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange”.

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    Amr Moussa, one of Egypt’s top presidential candidates, has reiterated his belief in free markets and told CNBC in an interview on Tuesday that the country needed to “open up”.

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    The Institute of Directors has endorsed a radical proposal that recommends replacing part of the UK tax system with a single income tax rate of 30 percent and reducing the government’s share of the national economy to one-third, the Financial Times reports.

  • Egypt, Cairo, Sultan Hussan Mosque at sunset

    A preliminary count of votes for Egyptians living abroad has put Islamist candidate Abdul-Moneim Aboul-Fotouh in the lead, followed by left-leaning Hamdeen Sabahi .