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  • Why Puerto Rico's debt crisis matters...

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports on what's at stake should Puerto Rico default on its bonds.

  • A Puerto Rican flag flies from a building in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    High-yield Puerto Rican bonds hold upside, but big risks remain as the commonwealth could fail to meet its next payment deadline.

  • Puerto Rico's cash crunch

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports on Puerto Rico's debt problems, and whether the Public Finance Corp. can come up with the money to pay its bondholders.

  • Safest muni investments

    Discussing Puerto Rico bonds and opportunities in the municipal bond market, with Daniel Solender, Lord Abbett partner.

  • A delivery man pushes a cart through a street of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Puerto Rico's growing debt crisis has raised fears about the safety of the municipal bond market, but those fears may be overblown.

  • The Puerto Rican flag flies near the Capitol building as the island's residents deal with the government's $72 billion debt on in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    As another key debt payment date closes in, here's a primer on what you should know, and who it will impact the most ahead of this week's deadline.

  • Trump international golf club puerto rico

    Owned by developer Empresas Diaz, the club uses the Trump name under a licensing agreement. Donald Trump does not own the club.

  • Puerto Rico bondholders meeting kicks off

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports from the Citigroup building in Manhattan where hundreds of people are expected to hear about Puerto Rico's debt situation.

  • Puerto Rico's debt: What we know

    Discussing the potential ripple effect to investors from Puerto Rico's debt issues, with Andrew Gadlin, Odeon Capital Group.

  • Puerto Rico's next move

    The third "deal or no deal" situation involves Puerto Rico. Alexandra Lebenthal, Lebenthal Holdings, discusses the tough month for Puerto Rican bonds. CNBC's Kate Kelly provides perspective.

  • Alexandra Lebenthal, president and CEO of Lebenthal & Co.

    Alexandra Lebenthal explains what investors should expect from the U.S. territory's coming meeting with its creditors.

  • If Puerto Rico were a state

    Insight to Puerto Rico struggling with debt payments and a weak economy, with Alexandra Lebenthal, Lebenthal Holdings President and CEO.

  • Euro and Yuan banknotes

    With Greece roiling Europe and China's stock market crashing, there's only one safe place in the world to invest right now, Insana says.

  • Rosio Contreras waits for customers at Cafe Rosio in San Juan a day after Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla gave a televised speech regarding the government's $72 billion debt.

    Puerto Rico small businesses face a number of challenges as it struggles to find a long-term solution to its fiscal situation.

  • With Greece and Puerto Rico’s debt-wrangling in the spotlight, CNBC takes a look at what happens when countries fail to repay their debts.

  • A delivery man pushes a cart through a street of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Puerto Rico has temporarily avoided catastrophe, but uncertainty reigns for the island's creditors, including bond funds, an expert said.

  • Look at your top ten holdings: Lebenthal

    Alexandra Lebenthal, Lebenthal Holdings, joins "Power Lunch" to discuss Puerto Rico's bond crisis.

  • jobs employees

    Rising consumer confidence may be a sign that more Americans will soon rejoin the workforce, Anthony Chan of Chase said.

  • Jim Cramer on Mad Money.

    “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer says not to wait another minute when it comes to pulling the trigger on this stock.

  • Jim Cramer sees that market panic has calmed down. Is it safe to cash in?