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  • Pro: Local banks' energy risk is 'bank destroying'

    Discussing the banking sector and how energy risks are weighing on then with Anton Schutz, of Mendon Capital and Burnham Asset Management.

  • James Bullard

    The nation's megabanks need to be split up like the old AT&T monopoly in order to foster innovation, St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard tells CNBC.

  • Feb 24- A group of regional and middle market U.S. banks have created their own lobbying organization, as they seek to differentiate themselves from major Wall Street firms. Regional banks, which typically cater to the needs of mid-sized businesses and local families, serve a different purpose than their Wall Street counterparts. "Deep roots and knowledge of...

  • NEW YORK, Feb 19- William Dudley has been reappointed as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as expected, giving him another five years as one of the U.S. central bank's most influential policymakers. Members of the New York Fed's board who are not affiliated with private banks voted to reappoint Dudley to a term beginning March 1.

  • A lion statue stands outside an Agricultural Bank of China in Haikou, south China's Hainan province

    Fraudulent loans are on the rise in China, threatening to undermine the country's banking system. The Financial Times reports.

  • Treasury, urged Congress to consider "bold, transformational" rules including the breaking up of the nation's largest banks to avoid bailouts. "Now is the right time for Congress to consider going further than Dodd-Frank with bold, transformational solutions to solve this problem once and for all," Kashkari said, arguing that the biggest banks are still too big to...

  • HSBC’s choice risks pleasing nobody: Larsen

    Reuters Breakingviews Asia editor, Peter Thal Larsen weighs in on HSBC’s decision to keep its headquarters in the U.K.

  • Banks ‘fine-tuning’ to optimize footprint

    Laurie Mayers, associate managing director at Moody's Investors Service, says leverage is more of a constraint for European banks compared to their U.S. counterparts.

  • Italy’s former Prime Minister, Enrico Letta says we can trust Italy’s financial system when it comes to handling non-performing loans.

  • As Italy has very low growth and very high debt, the country must continue its spending review and reduce taxes says Enrico Letta, Italy’s former Prime Minister.

  • Financials trading below book

    CNBC's Bob Pisani looks at the meltdown in bank stocks as they drop to multi-year lows.

  • CNBC takes a look at Europe's largest banks in the region by market capitalization and considers what, if anything, you need to worry about.

  • Pisani: 52-week lows for most regional banks

    CNBC's Bob Pisani looks ahead at the markets including how European banks and U.S. regional banks are pulling on markets, materials companies looking at dividend cuts, and the increase in buybacks by major companies.

  • CNBC takes a look at what measures the euro zone has in place to stop banking systems in its 19 member countries going to the wall.

  • Credit Suisse branch in Geneva, Switzerland.

    It's been a rough start to the year for financials, but some analysts remain optimistic on the sector.

  • Feb 9- Standard and Poor's Ratings Services has cut its credit ratings by one notch on four U.S. regional banks with large energy portfolios, citing a deterioration in the banks' asset quality over the past year. The regional U.S. banks are expected to have a rise in loan losses over the next two years, even if energy prices rebound modestly from current levels, the...

  • Regional banks risky, but here's why to own: Analyst

    Paul Miller, FBR Capital, weighs in on regional banks, and how their exposure to the energy sector worries investors.

  • Bank pros highlight opportunities in pressured sector

    Erin Davis, Morningstar; Chris Wheeler, Atlantic Equities; give their perspective on international and U.S. banks.

  • Michael Wolf

    Swedish bank Swedbank said on Tuesday Chief Executive Michael Wolf was stepping down with immediate effect.

  • Are we entering another financial crisis?

    Are global markets entering a second stage of the financial crisis, considering the recent volatility in the banking sector? Swedbank’s acting CEO, Birgitte Bonnesen weighs in.