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  • Mitt Romney Bounces Back

    Robert Costa, National Review, reports a new poll shows Mitt Romney got a post-debate bump, rising above rival Rick Santorum. Debating whether Romney can maintain his front-runner status and sell his 20% tax solution, with David Corn, Mother Jones Washington bureau chief; Steve Moore, "Return to Prosperity" author; and Michael Steele, former RNC chairman.

  • Ron Paul: Rick Santorum is a Fake Conservative

    GOP presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), defends his conservative values; discusses the Republican race; and shares his views on oil prices, taxes & spending, and the budget.

  • Mitt Romney

    When former President George W. Bush cut taxes, including his 2003 reduction in tax rates on investment, he always referred to it as putting more money in people’s pockets. I don’t want to be unfair, because the 2003 tax cuts were his best policy move. But Bush was never a supply-sider. Putting more money in people’s pockets is a demand-side argument.

  • GOP Candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

    Massive tax cuts proposed by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum would cause the national debt to explode while Mitt Romney's budget plan could generate red ink in line with current projections, according to a new study.

  • Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney speaks to members of the Detroit Economic Club during a luncheon at Ford Field .

    Days before a pivotal primary, Mitt Romney says he would raise the eligibility age for Medicare as he looks to show he's willing to curtail government benefits in the long run.

  • Bill Maher Performs At The Orleans In Las Vegas

    Stephen Colbert isn't the only comedian with a super PAC connection. Bill Maher got into the act, pledging $1 million to a political committee supporting President Barack Obama.

  • Mitt Romney speaks during a town hall meeting campaign stop at Eagle Manufacturing Corporation February 21, 2012 in Shelby Township, Michigan.

    It's all economy all the time for Mitt Romney, who's back to campaign basics as he tries to fend off Rick Santorum in Michigan and Arizona primaries on Tuesday.

  • As major GOP contests loom,  experts agree that voting in primaries is a challenging task. Many say that for all the challenges, primary voters do a fairly good job of choosing.

  • GOP Candidates Battle For Michigan

    Mitt Romney has the ability to articulate his message to the unaffiliated party, according Jon Huntsman, former Utah governor, who says the successful GOP candidate needs to reach out to those outside registered Republicans.

  • The Politics of Gas Prices

    Is President Obama taking a page from the Republican playbook on energy policy? Bruce Vincent, Swift Energy president, and Michael Brune, Sierra Club, weigh in. Also, discussing whether the high price of energy will tank the economy, with Joe LaVorgna, Deutsche Bank chief U.S. economist, and Michael Pento, Pento Portfolio Strategies.

  • Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich participate in a debate sponsored by CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona at the Mesa Arts Center February 22, 2012 in Mesa, Arizona.

    There was something old, something new in the misstatements of the candidates in the Arizona debate, in what was the 20th and possibly final GOP faceoff of the campaign.

  • Romney's Tax Plan Unveiled

    Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University, discusses Mitt Romney's new supply-side tax plan, and why it is called the "20% solution".

  • President Obama's State of the Union Speech

    President  Obama has proposed a lower corporate tax rate and an end to dozens of loopholes he said helps companies move jobs and profits overseas.

  • Romney Releases Economic Plan

    Mitt Romney will propose cutting top tax rate for individuals to 28%, with CNBC's John Harwood.

  • Obama's Tax Overhaul

    CNBC's John Harwood has the details on what President Obama's tax overhaul is trying to achieve politically, explaining that the plan will be revenue neutral and will unlikely pass this year. Harwood also has an update on GOP candidates campaign efforts.

  • Team Romney tells me there will be a bolder tax-cut plan released either at the debate tomorrow night (if Mitt gets it in) or more formally at his Detroit Economic Club speech on Friday. I’m embargoed from releasing details until tomorrow.

  • U.S. Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner

    A united House Republican leadership surrendered crisply and cleanly on legislation to extend expiring payroll tax cuts for 160 million Americans, skipping most if not all of the self-defeating drama that accompanied their far noisier retreat on the issue late last year.

  • US Capitol Building

    Congress on Friday approved legislation renewing a payroll tax cut for 160 million workers and jobless benefits for millions more, backing the main items on President Barack Obama's jobs agenda in a rare burst of Washington bipartisanship.

  • The U.S. House of Representatives rejected a two-month extension of an expiring payroll tax cut, escalating a clash with the Senate and Obama that may result in smaller paychecks for workers in January.

    President Obama raised $29.1 million for his campaign and for the Democratic Party in January, a strong fundraising month that put him ahead of the pace he set in the last quarter of 2011.

  • Rick-Santorum-Republican-YMYV-200.jpg

    Rick Santorum released four years of federal tax returns, showing a sharp rise in personal wealth spurred by his growing work as a Washington corporate consultant and media commentator.