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  • Hawaii

    The 10 costliest states to live in may surprise you. These places put hefty price tags on real estate, utility bills, gas and food prices.

  • Top States 2015: Rhode Island

    Rising quality of life helps the Ocean State to its best ranking yet, which isn’t saying much. Infrastructure is dead last.

  • Jeb Bush, Rick Perry and Chris Christie

    Using our Top States for Business metrics, we judge the performance of the governors running in the 2016 US presidential election.

  • Making headway in labor market: Pro

    Discussing investment strategies after Fed Chair Janet Yellen discussed the outlook for the U.S. economy, with CNBC contributor Jared Bernstein, and Ward McCarthy, Jefferies & Company.

  • Janet Yellen

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen stuck to her script Friday, even though traders had hoped a jump in consumer prices would force her to give a nod to the improved inflation data.

  • Stock strategy after Yellen comments

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen remarked on economic conditions going into the second half of the year. Hugh Johnson of Hugh Johnson Advisors, and Darin Richards, AKT Wealth, react to her remarks.

  • Yellen's economic & policy outlook

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen shares the most likely outlook for the U.S. economy, and evolution of monetary policy over the next few years.

  • Yellen: Negative side of falling oil

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen addresses the slowdown in energy, saying to keep in mind the U.S. is still a net importer of oil.

  • Yellen: Q1 slowdown largely transitory

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen remarks on the apparent slowdown in the first quarter.

  • Yellen: US economy well positioned for growth

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks at Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, on economic headwinds weighing on the market, and reasons she's confident the economy will grow.

  • Yellen: Inflation will rise 2% as econ strengthens

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks at Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, on the state of consumer price inflation.

  • Yellen: Labor market approaching full strength

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks at Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, on unemployment data.

  • Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen.

    A speech by Fed Chair Janet Yellen and CPI data guarantee that more traders will be working than otherwise might be ahead of the long weekend.

  • A Citizens Financial Group bank branch in Boston.

    Citizens Financial Group on Monday reported fourth-quarter net income of $197 million.

  • Robert Healey

    Rhode Island candidate for governor Bob Healy took 22 percent of the vote with just a $35 campaign, The Washington Post said.

  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes—depending on where you live in the U.S., natural disasters can be a way of life.

  • Victorian houses with San Francisco skyline.

    Here's a list of the most expensive states to live in, as ranked by CNBC, based on metrics such as average home, food and energy prices.

  • States have rebounded strongly from the recession, but some long-time laggards still can't create a business-friendly environment.

  • In 2012, demonstrators in Cranston, Rhode Island, protested the layoffs of 67 Department of Labor and Training workers, most of whom worked at the agency's unemployment benefits division.

    CNBC's Top States for Business gave the Ocean State the lowest marks for high taxes, poor infrastructure and high utility costs.

  • The Ocean State is rich in history and quality of life. But a multi-year effort to reform business regulations has yet to take hold.