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  • CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Nov 19- United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, said Thursday it will jump into the booming market for miniature satellites known as CubeSats, officials said. Companies developing small satellite networks include Google's SkyBox Imaging, BlackSky Global, which is backed by Paul Allen's Vulcan Capital, Planet...

  • Elon Musk and Richard Branson

    It’ll take baby steps, not giant leaps before humans colonize Mars, experts say.

  • Richard Branson's biggest investment ever

    CNBC met up with Richard Branson on a Virgin America plane to find out what his biggest investment was and what he thinks about Elon Musk.

  • NEW YORK, Nov 4- What does it mean to be a success? Everyone from Microsoft's Bill Gates to Virgin's Richard Branson are deploying their business acumen to help the causes that are most meaningful to them. "I was around 15 in Flemington, New Jersey, and applied for the job cold.

  • Virgin Atlantic CEO: Focus on essence of innovation

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs talks with Craig Kreeger, Virgin Atlantic CEO about the future of airline travel.

  • Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group, Founder and Chairman

    Billionaire entrepreneur and outspoken environmentalist Richard Branson tells CNBC the Volkswagen emissions scandal should be a wake-up call to automakers.

  • Red Flower's sustainable beauty-profit plan

    Yael Alkalay, Red Flower founder, and Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, discuss promoting a business world that is sustainable.

  • VW should have invested in batteries rather than diesel: Branson

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, explains why he thinks Volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal is actually a good thing for the auto industry.

  • Biz opportunities in clean energy: Branson

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder; Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC executive secretary, and Jose Maria Figueres Olsen, Carbon War Room chair, discuss ways to profit and create jobs in clean energy.

  • Private players race to conquer space: Branson

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, and Will Pomerantz, Virgin Galactic vp, talk about space travel and ways to fund exploration of the galaxy while still making it economical. And Hannah Kerner, SEDS chairman, discusses space education for students.

  • Spotting a great entrepreneur: Branson

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, talks about some of his past failures and the lessons he learned from them. Also Branson shares his thoughts on what he looks for in a great entrepreneur.

  • Branson: Building the Virgin brand

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, discusses how he chooses the kinds of businesses he wants to be in.

  • Richard Branson's 'Pitch 2 Rich' advice

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, shares leadership advice for budding entrepreneurs. And Terry Johnson, Original Stix founder, discusses his startup which makes iPhone cases out of broken hockey sticks.

  • Branson: 'I'm very proud of Virgin Australia'

    Virgin Australia has grown into a "formidable airline" over the past 15 years, giving "Qantas Airways a real run for their money," Virgin Group founder Richard Branson told CNBC.

  • Serina Williams and Marion Bartoli

    2013 Wimbledon champ Marion Bartoli is now out of tennis and running a jewelry business.

  • A legal space race is brewing between Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

    Elon Musk wants to get to Mars. Richard Branson wants to create space tourism. They are engaged, however, in a different kind of space race.

  • Shaquille O'Neal at the Harlem Women's Poker Night.

    What began as a cozy game inside a Manhattan loft has now become one of the most elite poker nights around. And the stars are mostly women.

  • Jawbone's UP3 fitness tracker

    A record amount of money surged into digital health start-ups last year, and in 2015, the capital continues to rush into these private companies.

  • Richard Branson gives dads paid leave for a year

    Legendary entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is offering fully-paid paternity leave for a full year for some employees.

  • Branson's new extreme with parental leave

    Virgin Group founder Richard Branson announced a full year of parental leave with 100 percent pay for employees who have been with Virgin Management for at least 4 years.

Small Business

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and John Kasich

    A win by Gov. John Kasich in Ohio would stall Donald Trump getting a majority of delegates. What the state's economy tell us.

  • Shoppers chose from organic fruits and vegetables at a supermarket.

    Daily Table is on a mission to sell healthy food so cheap it can compete with fast food.

  • Aicheria Bell is taking on hair-braiding licensing laws in Iowa.

    Small businesses are taking on regulations, as government red tape has intensified. From "cookie bans" to hours of work training, the list of rules is long.