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  • Hillary Clinton

    The GOP has a target-rich environment to go after Hillary Clinton. But will that keep her from the White House? Politico's Ben White takes a look.

  • Jeb Bush

    Common Core has quickly become a political hot-button, especially for Republican hopefuls trying to distance themselves from Jeb Bush.

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits during the Annual Women's Empowerment event at the United Nations in New York March 10, 2015.

    So Hillary Clinton says she didn't break any White House or State Department rules. Larry Kudlow doesn't think that defense will fly.

  • Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush attends a Long Island Association luncheon in Woodbury, N.Y.

    Voters think some candidates represent the past rather than the future, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds.

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry campaigning for Senate Republican candidate and North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis, Oct. 24, 2014, in Smithfield, North Carolina

    It might be time for a military man in the White House—a man like Rick Perry—says Larry Kudlow.

  • Breaking down the unemployment rate

    CNBC's Jeff Cox reacts to former Texas Gov. Rick Perry comment on the unemployment rate being a sham.

  • Rick Perry: 'Unemployment rate is a sham'

    Speaking at the annual CPAC gathering, former Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticized the way the unemployment rate is calculated, saying it leaves millions of American workers uncounted.

  • Gov. Perry revisits 'oops' moment

    CNBC's John Harwood talks with Gov. Rick Perry, (R-Texas), about his infamous moment at CNBC's GOP debate three years ago.

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry campaigning for Senate Republican candidate and North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis, Oct. 24, 2014, in Smithfield, North Carolina

    Many people thought Rick Perry snuffed out his national future when he blanked at a presidential debate and shrugged, "Oops." But Perry's not among them.

  • Rick Perry: 'Oops' won't be in my obituary

    Three years after Rick Perry's infamous "Oops" debate moment, the Texas Governor sits down with John Harwood at Austin's Bert's Bar-B-Q to relive it, talk about lessons learned, and look forward to a potential Presidential run in 2016.

  • U.S. Capitol building Washington

    While political focus was on a Senate Intelligence Committee report, Congress snuck in two measures to its must-pass spending bill. NBC News reports.

  • Larry Kudlow

    Buried deep inside Tuesday's exit polls is a series of numbers on presidential contenders that will blow your mind, says Larry Kudlow.

  • Rick Perry

    Gov. Rick Perry said abuse of power charges aren't affecting his job as he made his first court appearance, NBC News reports.

  • Rick Perry

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry told CNBC Monday he was thinking about and preparing for another White House run in 2016.

  • Rick Perry: Preparing for 2016 presidential run

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry told CNBC he is thinking about and preparing for a 2016 White House run.

  • Gov. Perry: Ebola funds late in coming

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry, discusses current protocols in place for a potential Ebola patient.

  • Toyota's Texas sized headquarters

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks to CNBC's Phil LeBeau, about Toyota's new national headquarters in Plano, Texas. Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz, weighs in.

  • A bottle of Tabasco sauce is shown during an event in New Orleans.

    Health workers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are using Tabasco sauce to train for Ebola patient care.

  • The Spanish nurse infected by Ebola is moved by ambulance to Carlos III Hospital from Alcorcon Hospital on October 8, 2014 in Alcorcon, Spain.

    A nurse in Spain has become the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa, as an NBC News freelancer arrived in Nebraska for treatment.

  • Gov. Rick Perry's mug shot after he was booked on abuse of power charges on Aug. 19, 2014.

    Rick Perry, who is mulling a second presidential run in 2016, reported to the Travis County Courthouse on Tuesday