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  • Gov. Perry: Putin does not fear US

    Governor Rick Perry, (R-Texas), shares strategy for Crimea and discusses foreign policy and the energy boom.

  • Gov. Perry wows crowd at CPAC

    Aaron Blake, The Washington Post political reporter, discusses Governor Rick Perry speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference where Perry outlined small-government vision and praised the accomplishments of fellow Republican governors.

  • Gov. Perry rouses CPAC crowd

    Texas Governor Rick Perry drew a big response by mocking economic conditions in California and New York on the second day of CPAC.

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes a break from his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to speak with CNBC about Obamacare, energy and jobs.

  • Gov. Perry: America's future depends on energy production

    Discussing health-care reform, innovation and America's energy future from Davos, Switzerland, with Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas. For the world to continue to grow, Saudi Arabia needs to be a major player, Perry says.

  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

    As Republicans draw up plans to use the troubled health care law against Democrats in elections next year, Obamacare is dividing Republican governors. The NYT reports.

  • Obamacare will be an 'absolute economic disaster': Gov Perry

    Obamacare is the reason we did not expand Medicaid in the state of Texas. It's the reason we did not participate in the exchanges, says Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX), providing his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act.

  • Gov. Perry: American people will defund Obamacare

    What's President Obama's solution to the gridlock that has Washington on the verge of a government shutdown? Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), says Obamacare is a "really broken piece of legislation," and discusses his promotion of Americans for Economic Freedom.

  • South Dakota soars to the top spot in CNBC's annual survey of the Top States for Business. What other surprises are in store?

  • Search For Survivors in Quebec

    A freight train carrying as much as a million gallons of crude oil derailed. At least 5 people are dead, reports CNBC's Seema Mody.

  • Perry For President 2016?

    CNBC's Larry Kudlow asks Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), if he will be running for President. "Well certainly it's an option out there, but again no decisions are made," says Perry.

  • Texas: Open For Business!

    Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) discusses why U.S. businesses should move to Texas. "California companies are already starting to make the move to Texas," he says.

  • Gilder's 'Knowledge and Power'

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be CNBC's Larry Kudlow's guest on Wednesday night. Also, George Gilder, author of "Knowledge and Power," discusses the gap between knowledge and power, and how to solve the "paralysis of our economy."

  • Austin, Texas

    Texas lawmakers sent Gov. Rick Perry more than $1 billion in proposed business tax cuts shortly before the end of the biennial legislative session.

  • From outside Michigan Republican circles, it appeared that the Republican drive to weaken unions came out of the blue - proposed, passed and signed in a mere six days.

  • Gov. Perry: 2016 Is a Long Time Away

    Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX), shares his final thought on whether he is going to run in 2016. "I have a legislative session in front of me, and a state that is going to continue to lead the country," he says.

  • Bringing Business to Texas

    Brett Giroir, M.D.,Texas A&M University, discusses how he helps identify and recruit companies to set up shop in Texas, with Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX).

  • Growing a Skilled Workforce in Texas

    Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX), explains how his state is building an educated workforce.

  • Wealthy Dump Assets Amid Worries About Going Over 'Cliff'

    Howard Dean, former Democratic National Committee chairman, explains why he believes going over the "cliff" is the best solution to solving the nation's debt crisis. Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX), weighs in.

  • rick-perry-cnbc-gop-140.jpg

    Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX), discusses how the "Lone Star State" is growing jobs by keeping taxes low; making the regulatory climate fair and predictable; and implementing sweeping tort reform.