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Russ Edelman

President and CEO of Corridor Consulting

Russ Edelman is president and CEO of Corridor Consulting and founder of Nice Guy Strategies, LLC (NGS) and the author of “Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office: Eight Strategies for Winning in Business Without Being a Jerk.”


  • Multi-flavored donuts

    There is a common thread of trust building (and dissolution) that transcends this seemingly odd combination and it is here that it is worthy of taking a deeper dive.

  • Facebook

    The world of business is now immersing itself into the social networking phenomena both for external, internal and combined communications. Yet, the immersion is still a challenge for the majority of organizations as they look to build these technologies into the fabric of their business culture.

  • Diversity in the workplace

    While it is great to feel needed and knowledgeable, we do a disservice to our people and to our businesses if we don’t focus specifically on making our employees 'Problem Solvers.'

  • executive.jpg

    All of us aspire to a higher level of trust in our relationships, our companies, and our lives. Yet, high trust levels frequently elude most organizations.

  • new_recruits.jpg

    Your employees are loved by your customers, suppliers, board members and others. Yet, their propensity for being nice to everyone has introduced complications as they are more concerned about pleasing others than they are about getting their jobs done.

  • For some, the economic downturn has induced a “take no prisoners” attitude and for others, they find themselves bending over backwards to appease everyone and anyone in sight. The reality is that both strategies are short lived and unproductive.