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  • Ukraine Fin Min is 'committed to reforms'

    Ukraine Finance Minister, Natalie Jaresko, says the country is committed to economic reforms and outlines the state's budget plans for 2015.

  •  Ex-Labour spin doctor: Putin's a

    U.K. political strategist and former press secretary to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, says that, whether we like it or not, Vladmir Putin is pursuing long-term plans to regain power for Russia.

  • We're 'reliant' on West for weapons: Ukraine PM

    Ukraine Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, says the country needs to modernize its military capabilities and needs the help of Western governments to do that.

  • Russians, get out of our land: Ukraine PM

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has "cheated and outplayed" the European Union in his aggression towards Ukraine, the country's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says.

  • CNBC.com Hot List: Buick tops auto rankings

    It was all about Janet Yellen for readers on CNBC.com, and Buick made the top ten ranking in Consumer Reports' auto picks list. CNBC.com Managing Editor Allen Wastler shares the top stories on the web.

  • Evgeniy Mikhailovitch Bogachev

    The FBI said it had placed a $3 million reward on Evgeniy Bogache, who is wanted for alleged involvement in cyber crimes.

  • Rubenstein: Risks in Greece, Russia

    David Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group, says as a place to invest in, Greece is "very risky". He added that he wouldn't invest in Russia -- pre- or post-sanctions.

  • Will Ukraine run out of money?

    If the International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn't disperse money to Ukraine soon, will the country run out of money? Dmytro Shymkiv, deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, doesn't think so.

  • Mobius: Expect investment in Russia

    Mark Mobius, executive chairman at Templeton Emerging Markets Group, says that once the sanctions have been lifted, high volumes of investment will flow into Russian companies.

  • Ukraine denies it will run out of money

    Dmytro Shymkiv, deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, says there is "no threat" of a default and the country expects to get International Monetary Fund money in two weeks.

  • We need US weapons: Ukraine

    Dmytro Shymkiv, deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, says the country needs military support from the U.S. to battle "Russian terrorists."

  • National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers speaks about cyber security February 23, 2014 in Washington.

    A Yahoo executive confronted the NSA director over the use of digital 'backdoors' that allow government agencies to decrypt online communications.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.

    This is what Putin wants to accomplish in Ukraine, and it's beginning to look like that may happen, a military expert says.

  • Employees during a press visit to the first shale gas exploring site started by Chevron in Pungesti, Romania, April 2014.

    Chevron announced it is relinquishing concessions in Romania, the last of its shale gas projects in Europe.

  • Ex-Lithuanian PM:  West must step up

    Speaking to CNBC, the former Lithuanian Prime Minister, Andrius Kubilius, said the West must take responsibility for halting further aggressions by Putin and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

  • What is Ukraine's economic outlook?

    Is Russia's strongest card the fact that its economy is stronger than Ukraine's? Timothy Ash, head of Emergind Market research at Standard Bank, weighs in with his thoughts.

  • Are things looking up for Ukraine's government?

    Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has promised a lot for the country but will he deliver? Tomas Fiala, CEO at Dragon Capital says that while he's "not absolutely happy" with the leader's first term, he remains optimistic.

  • Why Ukraine can reinvigorate its economy: CEO

    Tomas Fiala, chief executive at Dragon Capital, told CNBC that there is still a chance to reinvigorate the economy in Ukraine, despite the ongoing conflict there.

  • Putin 'lying' about troops in Ukraine: Kyiv Post

    Brian Bonner, chief editor of the Kyiv Post, says the presence of sophisticated military hardware is evidence that Russian forces are assisting separatists troops in eastern Ukraine.

  • Ukrainian forces stand guard during a prisoner exchange on February 21, 2015 near Zholobok, Ukraine.

    Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists exchanged prisoners, a Ukrainian Security Council aide said, a step toward implementing a peace deal.