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  • Expect weak growth in Russia this year: Pro

    Christian Keller, head of emerging market research at Barclays, says Russia will not see strong growth this year, after the Ukraine crisis hit the country's economy.

  • Europeans more in bed with Putin than let on

    in today's Santelli Exchange, Holman Jenkins, Jr., Wall Street Journal columnist, discusses Europe's dependency on Russian gas.

  • Diplomacy: War on endgames

    NBC's Jim Maceda reports on a flurry of diplomatic efforts by Russia towards Ukraine in the past 24 hours.

  • A portion of Russian Embassy complex in Washington, D.C.

    Russia retains a battery of well-paid American public affairs experts and lobbyists, including PR firm Ketchum.

  • Russia's end game in Ukraine

    NBC's Jim Maceda provides the latest details out of Moscow and thefeeling is that things seem to be spinning toward a diplomatic solution in Ukraine, he says.

  • Russian missile launch unrelated to Ukraine

    The Russian missile launch was a regular exercise and not related to the situation in Ukraine reports NBC's Jim Maceda from Moscow.

  • How Ukraine could become 'ungovernable'

    David Dalton, eastern Europe editor at Economist Intelligence Unit and Samuel Greene, founding director of the Russia Institute at King's College London, discuss potential solutions to the Ukraine crisis.

  • What Ukraine needs to do for an IMF deal

    Dimitry Sologoub, chief economist at Raiffensen Bank Ukraine, comments on the situation in Crimea, Ukraine, and what the main obstacles to a deal with the IMF are.

  • Have equity markets misdirected its attention?

    Paul Donovan, Global Economist, Managing Director at UBS, says investors should focus on the broader implications of the Ukraine crisis, such as the risk of sanctions being applied.

  • Ukraine still in 'delicate' situation: Pro

    While tensions have eased in Ukraine, Hans Goetti, Head of Investment Asia at Banque Internationale A Luxembourg, says the situation remains 'delicate'.

  • What to make of latest developments in Ukraine?

    Alberto Ades, Co-head of Global Economics & Head of Global Emerging Markets Fixed Income Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, discusses latest developments in Ukraine which saw tensions ease overnight on Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech.

  • Crimea strategic asset to Russian navy: Pro

    Gen. Mark Kimmitt, U.S Army (Ret.) and former assistant Secretary of State, and Barry Pavel, Atlantic Council vice president, discusses the sentiment of the U.S on Russia's open option to force in Ukraine.

  • Russia's economic impact on stocks not that big: Pro

    CNBC contributor Stephanie Link; Kenny Polcari, O'Neil Securities; Cliff Noreen, Babson Capital; and CNBC's Bob Pisani discuss how Reuters' report of the U.S boycotting the G8 summit impacts the U.S markets.

  • Reuters: U.S to boycott G8 Summit in Sochi

    Reuters reports the U.S will boycott the G8 Summit in Sochi, Russia unless Russia backs down in Ukraine.

  • Putin is in a 'no lose' situation : Pro

    Paul Krake, Founder of View from the Peak: Macro Strategies, explains why he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is in a 'no lose' situation and the West may be a 'toothless tiger' right now.

  • What are Russia's intentions?

    Jim Carafano, VP of Foreign Policy at Heritage Foundation, explains why he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking a page out of the Russia-Georgia conflict in dealing with Ukraine.

  • See Russians as businessmen, not Soviets: Pro

    Jack Bouroudjian, Chief Investment Officer at Index Financial Partners, says Russia has way too much invested in the West to start a soviet-style aggression campaign.

  • An oil storage tank at the Salym Petroleum oil fields near the Bazhenov shale formation in Salym, Russia.

    As political tensions rise, the cooperation between the U.S. and Russia in the energy industry is large and growing, experts at IHS CERAWeek say.

  • Tensions ease in Ukraine on Putin's comments

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the use of force would be a last resort, quelling fears of a conflict in Ukraine. CNBC's Steve Sedgwick reports from Kiev.

  • Disney hands DISH digital keys

    CNBC's Jon Fortt reports on a deal between DISH and Disney which offers streaming content and the ability for DISH to create an Internet-based TV subscription service.