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  • Greece Set for Comeback as Tourist Destination Friday, 8 Mar 2013 | 2:52 AM ET
    Mykonos, Greece

    Tourism in Greece is bouncing back this year in an otherwise flat European market, held back by the weak economic climate, travel industry executives said.

  • Investing in Russia Friday, 1 Mar 2013 | 12:22 AM ET
    Investing in Russia

    Andrey Sharonov, Minister of the Moscow Government says Moscow is aiming to improve investments in transportation, telecommunications, start-ups and innovative technology.

  • From Russia With Cash Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013 | 2:43 PM ET
    From Russia With Cash

    The Russians are pumping money into the U.S. real estate market. Edward Mermelstein, Rheem Bell & Mermelstein, and CNBC's Robert Frank, offer insight. "Russians are drawn to sexy locations, and New York is as sexy as you can get," says Mermelstein.

  • Optimistic on Future of Data in Russia: VimpelCom Monday, 25 Feb 2013 | 2:20 AM ET
     Optimistic on Future of Data in Russia: VimpelCom

    Jo Lunder, CEO of VimpelCom, tells CNBC that the next growth wave is coming from data services and smartphones.

  • Cyprus' New President Faces Bailout Quagmire Monday, 25 Feb 2013 | 1:32 AM ET
    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Cypriot president-elect Nicos Anastasiades faces weeks of difficult talks with foreign lenders on a financial rescue for the island nation after sweeping to a resounding victory in a run-off election on Sunday.

  • The Appetite for Emerging Market Corporate Debt Monday, 25 Feb 2013 | 1:30 AM ET
     The Appetite for Emerging Market Corporate Debt

    Simon Luhr, CEO of FinEx ETF, tells CNBC that the emerging markets are still pretty untapped for ETFs and they want to launch them in emerging markets, starting with Russia.

  • Yota Devices Heats Up Smartphone War Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013 | 7:20 PM ET
    Smartphone War Set To Heat Up With Yota Devices' Latest Offering

    Vlad Martynov, CEO of Yota Devices, tells CNBC why their latest offering will change the way users interact with smartphones.

  • Meteorite Flashes Across Russian Sky

    A meteor that exploded over Russia's Ural mountains and sent fireballs blazing to earth has set off a rush to find fragments of the space rock which hunters hope could fetch thousands of dollars a piece.

  • Ulrich Birkenheier, President  of the MAD, the German Military Counter-Intelligence Service.

    The head of Germany's military intelligence said in a rare interview that one of his main challenges was to protect defense projects from industrial espionage by the Chinese and Russian secret services.

  • Carlsberg Earnings Lag as Russia Stalls Monday, 18 Feb 2013 | 1:33 AM ET
    Cans of Carlsberg beer stand on display at the company's store at the headquarters of Carlsberg A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Danish brewer Carlsberg on Monday reported operating earnings slightly below forecasts as its key Russia market stalled.

  • Nasdaq Moving Up Pre-Market Trading Friday, 15 Feb 2013 | 1:51 PM ET
    Nasdaq Moving Up Pre-Market Trading

    The Nasdaq plans to move up pre-market trading by 3 hours to 4 a.m., with CNBC's Kayla Tausche and Neil Weinberg, American Banker editor-in-chief.

  • Meteorite Explodes Over Russia, Over 1,000 Injured Friday, 15 Feb 2013 | 9:28 AM ET
    A meteor crashing in central Russia's Ural mountains.

    A meteorite streaked across the sky and exploded over central Russia on Friday, raining fireballs over a vast area and causing a shock wave that smashed windows, damaged buildings and injured 1,200 people.

  • The Moscow Exchange priced its initial public offering (IPO) at the bottom of the expected price range on Friday in the largest ever offering launched solely on a Russian platform.

  • Moscow Exchange IPO Sets Price at Low End of Range Friday, 15 Feb 2013 | 2:30 AM ET
    Moscow Exchange IPO Sets Price at Low End of Range

    Evgeny Fetisov, CFO of the Moscow Exchange, tells CNBC about his aspirations for the MICEX.

  • Currency Wars Come to Moscow as G-20 Meets Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | 7:29 PM ET

    'Currency wars' will come to Moscow on Friday as finance officials from the Group of 20 nations spar over Japan's expansive policies that have driven down the value of the yen.

  • Russia: Don't Compete Through Currencies Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | 11:16 AM ET

    Russia fueled the G-20 currency war debate when the Russian finance minister criticized countries that are trying to stimulate their economies through currency devaluation.

  • Russia Says No to Currency War Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | 11:10 AM ET
    Russia Says No to Currency War

    Anton Siluanov, Russian finance minister, tells CNBC at the G20 meeting in Moscow that countries should not compete to devalue their currencies.

  • Are We Losing Cyber Security War? Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | 3:32 PM ET
    Are We Losing Cyber Security War?

    The White House says President Obama is determined to protect our nation against cyber threats, reports CNBC's Eamon Javers; and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), offers insight on the CISPA cyber bill, and just how serious the problem is.

  • $2 Trillion Economy With a Major Trust Problem Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | 9:18 AM ET

    A $2 trillion economy and a stock market that trades at valuations cheaper than Pakistan - Russia is struggling to gain the trust of international capital.

  •  Russia Dep Fin Min: We're Moving Away From Currency Manipulation

    Alexei Moiseev, Russia's deputy finance minister tells CNBC that Russia is playing by the WTO rules although the country is still in a transition period.