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  • Ukraine reaches tentative deal; situation fluid

    Ukraine's government says a tentative resolution to the recent crisis has been reached, reports NBC's Jim Maceda, with the latest details.

  • Sochi: Julie Chu chosen to carry US flag in closing ceremonies

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reports the latest highlights from Olympic competition in figure skating and U.S. women's hockey. Also an update on the recent medal count.

  • Investing in Russia? Mending the 'perception gap'

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera talks to Kirill Dmitriev, Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO, about his fund's efforts to co-partner with other sovereign funds to invest in Russia.

  • Canada wins gold medal in women's hockey

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reports the U.S. women's Olympic hockey team lost to Canada 3-2 in overtime.

  • CNBC's Sullivan bobsled dream comes true

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan jumps on a skeleton slider and gets in a bobsled with members of the U.S. 4-man bobsled team.

  • Russia's Silicon Valley

    Russia is building its own Silicon Valley known as Skolkovo. CNBC's Brian Sullivan looks at the promise of the planned high-tech facility, and Uber's entrance into the Russian market.

  • US extends overall medal lead

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan gives a medal count from Sochi, and looks at the stumble of 15-year old Russian figure skater Julia Lipnitskaia.

  • EU imposes sanction against Ukrainian officials

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reports the European Union has approved sanctions against Ukraine officials. Neil Buckley, Financial Times, Eastern European editor, provides insight into today's resurgence of violence in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • USA's road to gold in hockey

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reports USA and Canada will face off in women's hockey shortly at Sochi.

  • USA looking for strong Olympic finish

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera gives a medal count update from the Olympics, including American Ted Ligety's gold medal in the giant slalom. Michelle also recaps her interview with Netherlands speed skating coach Jillert Anema on the U.S. suit controversy.

  • Why Ukraine matters: Expert

    The situation in Ukraine is "very serious," says William Taylor, United States Institute for Peace, sharing his thoughts on the political and global repercussions of the recent violence of anti-government protesters in Ukraine.

  • Ukrainian truce broken, attacks continue

    NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel, reports violent clashes in Ukraine have left at least 28 dead and 450 injured.

  • Expect sustained instability in Ukraine: Pro

    At this point it's hard to put the genie back into the bottle, says Jeffrey Mankoff, CSIS Russia & Eurasia program, sharing his thoughts on the political and global repercussions of the recent violence of anti-government protesters in Ukraine. There is an East/West dynamic that has broken out, explains Mankoff.

  • Ukraine violence continues after truce

    The situation in Kiev has taken a turn for the worse after violent clashes between anti-government protesters and police have left as many as 28 dead and 450 injured, reports NBC News Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin.

  • Pres. Obama: US expects restraint from Ukrainian gov't

    President Obama warns of consequences over continued Ukrainian violence and holds the Ukrainian government responsible for dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way.

  • Formula 1 returning to Russia

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan tours the new F1 facility in Sochi that will host the 2014 Russian Grand Prix, the first Formula 1 race in Russia in more than 100 years.

  • Olympic heartbreak for Russia

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reports the Russian hockey team has been eliminated from Olympic competition and provides a medal count from Sochi.

  • Ukraine under a one man rule

    Adrian Karatnycky, Atlantic Council senior fellow, explains why Ukrainians have turned on Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.

  • Ukraine at brink of possible civil war

    CNBC's Brain Sullivan reports Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych has replaced the head of the army. Neil Buckley, Financial Times, Eastern Europe editor, provides insight on the Ukrainian uprising.

  • Russia's brand new ski resort

    Russia created a brand new ski resort with the hope it would be used beyond the Sochi Olympics of 2014, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.