Small Business Franchising


  • Instead of a fresh-faced teenager or middle-aged manager, a retiree may help you with that cleaning service or fast-food order.

  • Move over Slurpees and burritos. Franchise 7-Eleven is expanding its healthy snack selection including veggie chips and edamame. Soy nuts, anyone?

  • Taco Bell's waffle taco

    With fast food restaurants now offering such innovations as the waffle taco and the pretzel burger, should investors be impressed? Two pros tell CNBC what they think.

  • As more people around the world achieve the middle class, they can't seem to get enough of U.S. fast food—just as Americans are looking to avoid that diet.

  • Blaze Pizza

    With fast-casual restaurants growing at a sprint while fast-food counterparts moving at a slow jog, the latter group is entering the race to open more premium concepts.

  • Sentiment on the Street suggests restaurant stocks should be avoided. Cramer doesn’t think that’s right.

  • Hooters ballgirl at a Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training game interferes with play against the Tampa Bay Rays.

    Hooters girls drafted to man the sidelines during spring training are throwing the game a curveball. Over the last two weeks, there have been several errors, as some Hooters girls attempted to "wing" it playing America's pastime.

  • Hoping to attract female customers, the chain is hoping to lure mothers by offering free entrees for mothers. Would you take your mom to Hooters for Mother's Day?

  • A former Hooters waitress contends in a lawsuit that the restaurant discriminated against her, when she didn't wear a wig after brain surgery.

  • More entrepreneurs are forecast to buy U.S. franchises. See which sectors are likely to grow more quickly and generate jobs growth.

  • Actor and entrepreneur, Wendell Pierce

    Actor slash entrepreneur Wendell Pierce is opening Sterling Farms, grocery stores with fresh produce in Katrina-struck New Orleans.

  • Extended jobless benefits derail employers' ability to hire, the head of Landry's restaurant chain told CNBC on Wednesday. See what other trends could halt Main Street job growth.

  • Sales at the restaurant chain are declining, as more women are driving family eating choices and the franchise's core customers, young men, have been hit by the recession.

  • Small merchants and those in the e-commerce space are feeling let down by the initial hype of Groupon. Is the daily coupon model dead?

  • Fred DeLuca, co-founder of the Subway sandwich chain

    The Subway Restaurants founder says regulations are hurting small companies and entrepreneurs. "If I started Subway today, Subway would not exist," Deluca told CNBC Wednesday.

  • Small business owner

    The number of franchise establishments grew in 2012, the first time since 2008, according to a report compiled by IHS Global Insight. But while more growth is forecast for 2013, cautious optimism is the dominant mood.

  • BookKeeping Express provides business owners with a local business “consultant,” plus bookkeeping services.

    Some small companies including franchises are managing to grow. But the overall Main Street mood is anxiety-filled.

  • The Upper Crust Pizzeria

    Pizzeria owner Mark Tramontana offers a cautionary tale for franchisees about the potential benefits and pitfalls of digital discount platforms. Is Groupon the new piggy bank for cash-starved entrepreneurs?

  • Mainstream Boutique

    As haggling over a debt deal continues, small businesses have much at stake. If people pay higher taxes, they will likely spend less. Could a hobbled Main Street derail the economic recovery?

  • Much is at stake for small businesses amid the deficit talks. A look at why Main Street is worried and why job creation isn't happening.