Small Business Franchising


  • Economy Stinks for Many, But It's Crushing Millennials

    The economic downturn is hurting Americans including young people, who are struggling with debt and joblessness. See what's new on millennials' list of financial woes.

  • The Joys (and Dangers) of Owning a Microbusiness

    The vast majority of U.S. businesses are microbusinesses, those that have fewer than five employees and less than $1 million in sales. A look at the pluses and minuses of running a microbusiness. Can you say lumpy sales?

  • New York AG Launches Sandy Price-Gouging Probe

    New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into post-Sandy price gouging after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers.

  • Save the Inventory: Sandy Lashes Brooklyn Businesses

    As power failures and flooding overwhelmed lower Manhattan and the Red Hook section of Brooklyn early Tuesday, small businesses scrambled to recover amid the aftermath of Sandy.

  • Some Millennials Becoming More Fiscally Conservative

    While polls show that President Barack Obama remains the favorite among 18- to 29-year-old registered voters, additional data suggests some millennials identify themselves as socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

  • Why It's Harder to Game Positive Online Reviews

    Yelp recently launched a new "Consumer Alert" system that clamps down on fraudulent reviews. How authentic are all those comments and likes?

  • Eyewear Maker Warby Parker on Growth, Innovation

    Appearing on CNBC Wednesday, Neil Blumenthal, co-CEO and co-founder of eyewear startup Warby Parker talked about building innovation and growth.

  • Start Small, Go Big: A Crash Course for Startups

    DailyCandy’s third annual “Start Small, Go Big” Academy led a crash course for startups. Here's what you can learn as a budding entrepreneur.

  • Number of franchises: 479Fee: $37,500Year started franchising: 1992Where do you go when that battery in your mobile phone needs to be replaced? “Not where you bought the device,” says Rod Tremelling, director of franchise development for Batteries Plus. “They will sell you a new device. Come to us, and we’ll help you extend the life of your product.”This place goes beyond AAs and D batteries – although if you need those, Batteries Plus will sell them , too. It stocks batteries for things you did

    Tucked among the tried-and-true franchise opportunities at the International Franchise Expo  — think fast-food and cafes — were some new and unique concepts that entrepreneurs were looking grow.

  • U.S. Veterans, Afghanistan

    Retired military veterans, Mark and Dawn Kelly, have looked embarked on a franchising opportunity through TeamLogic IT to start a business after ending their service.

  • For would-be entrepreneurs, franchises offer built-in benefits, such as brand-name recognition, and proven formulas upon which to build success. That’s not to say that plunking down a chunk of money will buy you a thriving business: Owning and operating a franchise requires, like any business, an investment of time, as well as the will to succeed.The downturn in the economy has fueled an interest in franchise ownership, said Brian Miller, president and chief operating officer of which offers fra

    For would-be entrepreneurs, franchises offer built-in benefits, such as brand-name recognition and proven formulas upon which to build success.

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    If you’re thinking of becoming your own boss, investing in a franchise business is one popular option that may be worth looking into.