Small Business Video

  • Long-term investing profits bad for economy?

    J.W Verret, Mercatus Center, says the government's push for long-term investment profits is bad for the economy and government should make it easier to bet against a company. Kevin O'Leary, Shark Tank, provides his perspective.

  • TaskRabbit pushes consumer expectation

    If you need someone to stand in line for you at the passport office, online chore market place "TaskRabbit" can help you. The app has a new feature - it will confirm within five minutes, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Advice for young restaurant entrepreneurs

    The hosts of "Restaurant Startup" give advice to young people hoping to break into the industry.

  • Small biz hiring up 0.10% in Feb: Index

    It's a pretty strong last three months for us, says Martin Mucci, Paychex CEO providing an inside look at small business hiring trends across the U.S.

  • What's the appeal of crowdfunding?

    Eric Partaker, co-CEO & founder of Chilango, explains why the company chose crowdfunding over traditional bank or investment financing.

  • Small biz in focus: Daymond John

    Daymond John, FUBU founder, discusses how the "Shark Tank" has changed the way he thinks about the way the entrepreneur economy operates.

  • This fashion trend for dogs is big business

    When her border collie struggled to see the Frisbee on a sunny day during a game of fetch, Roni Di Lullo decided to invent Doggles, a pair of tinted goggles for dogs. Now nearly 20 years later, Doggles has turned into a $3 million dollar company.

  • The importance of Britain's SMEs

    Xavier Rolet, CEO of the London Stock Exchange, talks about Europe, the U.K. and small and medium sized enterprises.

  • Big victory for the little guy vs. IRS

    CNBC's Kate Rogers follows up on a story about a small business owner who unwittingly had his entire bank account seized by the IRS.

  • IfOnly... making dreams come true

    Trevor Traina, IfOnly CEO, explains how his company allows clients to create memories by offering different types of experiences.

  • Small businesses seek IRS-seized cash

    A dairy farmer and a convenience store owner are fighting to get back money they say was wrongfully seized by the IRS.

  • Why you can't fake being a good chef

    In a world where it's easy to latch onto the most current food trends, it takes bravery to be authentic. But the rewards are worth it.

  • Star Waggons Interior

    American actor Lyle Waggoner took his talent off camera to start an entertainment industry trailer company that caters to Hollywood stars on set.

  • Jobdoh : fake partners for hire?

    Xania Wong, founder and CEO of JOBDOH, explains that its core business is actually to match employers to temporary staff but there was a demand for fake romantic partners for hire.

  • Meet the floral industry's new guard

    A fresh crop of floral startups are shaking up the way consumers look at Valentine’s Day. The Bouqs Company, BloomThat and UrbanStems are just three newer ventures catering to consumers who want eco-friendly flowers this holiday season, with on-demand options. CNBC's Kate Rogers speaks with a "local artisan" to find out how the new on-demand option works.

  • Impact of student debt on housing market

    Fed Chairman Janet Yellen addresses the macroeconomic challenges created by rising student debt.

  • From pot to peppers, Smart Garden can grow everything

    One entrepreneur has 60-seconds to convince a panel of experts her start-up has what it takes to be the next big thing.

  • The big business of 'Wimpy Kid'

    Jeff Kinney, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" author, discusses how he turned his best-selling children's books into a half billion dollar empire.

  • Lots of people can make great things in the kitchen, but there's a world of difference between cooking at home and cooking for paying customers. Here's what you need to know about taking the next step.

  • Scot Rubin mixes a batch of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

    Former television host Scot Rubin cashed out his 401k only to stare bankruptcy in the face before flash freezing his way to success with liquid nitrogen.