Small Business Video

  • Weak Q1 for IPOs

    Discussing the slowing IPO market, and what factors a company considers in going public, with Madrona Venture Group's Julie Sandler.

  • Nathan Kundtzn, CEO of Kymeta Corp. in Seattle, Washington.

    Kymeta, based in Redmond, Washington, is out to revolutionize global mobile communications, and it has Bill Gates' help. CNBC's Kate Rogers reports.

  • Road to Iconic: Shopping 'small'

    CNBC's Kate Rogers reports from Seattle before the Iconic Conference about the small business startup scene there including shopping platform Garmentory.

  • A child's genetic disorder leads to mom launching app

    CNBC’s Kate Rogers on LionHeart Innovations, an app for caregivers inspired by one mom’s struggle in managing her son’s rare disorder.

  • A Seattle fashion start-up growing quickly

    CNBC’s Kate Rogers on how Garmentory, a Seattle-based startup, is enabling local boutiques and designers to expand their reach.

  • Cal Ripken Jr.: The secrets to staying in the game

    "Baseball is a game of frustration and failure", but Cal Ripken Jr. is the master of the game. The iron man shares how he deal with failures and create the long term success in both baseball and business world.

  • A mural in downtown Detroit speaks of the hope that many have for a comeback for the city that has endured so many setbacks.

    Motor City is pushing for a comeback, driven by local businesses with a belief in the city's future.

  • Wetzel's Pretzels' sweet success story: CEO

    Bill Phelps, Wetzel's Pretzels CEO, discusses the company's road to success and shares his thought on raising the minimum wage.

  • Wetzel's Pretzels' CEO on minimum wage

    Bill Phelps, Wetzel's Pretzels CEO, and the "Squawk Box" crew share their thoughts on the minimum wage debate.

  • MA MInute

    Aihui Ong, Love with Food founder, tells CNBC about how she overcame the challenges of starting a business as a solo founder.

  • Entrepreneurs revitalize Detroit

    CNBC's Kate Rogers looks at the state of small business in Michigan with the Detroit Denim company and why Eric Yelsma, the founder, chose the city.

  • Detroit's small business comeback

    Technology is helping Detroit make a comeback after a historic bankruptcy. CNBC's Kate Rogers explains.

  • Detroit on the comeback trail

    CNBC's Kate Rogers reports the Motor City is making its way back from a historic bankruptcy as recent data from JPMorgan Chase shows small business spending growth is outpacing other major cities.

  • Fighting zombies is big business

    Jane Wells shoots her way through zombies in a post-apocalyptic battle zone with Adventure Combat Ops. The experience is based on the special operations missions made popular in first-person video games and major motion pictures. Adventure Combat Ops has only been open since May 2014 and the business growth has been explosive.

  • Small biz hiring up 0.36% in March: Index

    Marty Mucci, Paychex CEO, breaks down the latest data on small business hiring last month.

  • Co-assets

    CoAssets' COO Lawrence Lim says the crowdfunding firm has successfully financed Singapore SMEs that might have had difficulties in securing a bank loan.

  • The creation of the next viral food, Macaron Donut

    Want to satiate your sweet tooth? World-famous Chef Francois Payard will release his Macaron Donut mash-up to all customers on Macaron Day, March 20.

  • Big game retail bucking the trend

    Jason Hairston, KUIU CEO, talks about how he is growing his hunting apparel and gear company solely through word of mouth and the Internet.

  • Long-term investing profits bad for economy?

    J.W Verret, Mercatus Center, says the government's push for long-term investment profits is bad for the economy and government should make it easier to bet against a company. Kevin O'Leary, Shark Tank, provides his perspective.

  • TaskRabbit pushes consumer expectation

    If you need someone to stand in line for you at the passport office, online chore market place "TaskRabbit" can help you. The app has a new feature - it will confirm within five minutes, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.