Small Business Video

  • Is your product viable?

    Tamara Monosoff, inventor and author of “The Mom Inventors Handbook” discusses how to determine if your product idea is viable for market.

  • NLRB ruling could hit builders

    A National Labor Relations Board ruling could hurt small businesses and subcontractors. CNBC's Diana Olick has the details.

  • New businesses rising in Durham

    How one entrepreneur is achieving small business success far away from Silicon Valley and New York City.

  • US businesses wait for Greek imports

    U.S. business owners are worrying about potential shortages of everything from Greek olive oil to Greek sea sponges on American store shelves.

  • Inside America's oldest hat maker

    How the Bollman Hat Company in Pennsylvania is supporting US manufacturing jobs.

  • This LA startup aims to create loyal customers

    CNBC's Kate Rogers reports on LA startup Narativ.

  • LA approves minimum wage increase

    Giving a lift to other efforts, the LA City Council approved a raise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020.

  • Quincy Jones respects Taylor Swift, loves Uber

    CNBC's Kate Rogers shares highlights from her interview with music legend Quincy Jones, where he shared his thoughts on the music industry and streaming.

  • McDonald's shareholders win

    McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook held the company's annual shareholder meeting today. CNBC's Kate Rogers is there with the details of the meeting and on the protests outside.

  • The rise of micro-nationals

    More Main Street businesses are exporting goods as e-commerce platforms evolve and grow.

  • Pot for pets

    Auntie Dolores is a cannabis edibles company that doesn't just serve the human medical marijuana community. There are cannabis treats for pets as well.

  • Google Fiber connects with US heartland

    CNBC's Kate Rogers is in Kansas City with a look at what high-speed Internet has done for the region.

  • Tearing down Ferguson to build it back up

    How Ferguson, Missouri is working to rebuild small businesses, with CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Uber protests NJ bill

    A hearing underway right now in New Jersey that could force Uber out of the state, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • From orthopedics to celebs

    Bronx based manufacturer America Orthopedics is catering to those who have problem feet and need orthopedic shoes, and is now reinventing its business and gaining popularity among celebrities, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Waffle House-Roadie cook up deal

    Roadie operates as a kind of Uber for deliveries, and has partnered with Waffle House as a meeting place for drivers, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers. The company's CEO Marc Gorlin, provides insight to the new partnership with Waffle House.

  • War of the roses: Main St. vs. e-commerce this Valentine's Day

    As online florist options multiply and retailers from Whole Foods to Wal-mart offer affordable bouquets for Valentine's Day and beyond, the mom-and-pop florist, a mainstay on Main Streets across the country, faces new challenges. CNBC's Kate Rogers reports.

  • Bond... with robots the new old way

    Sonny Caberwal, Bond founder & CEO, explains how people can regain the power of handwritten notes by using high-tech handwriting robots.

  • Farmer lost $32k to IRS

    The IRS took over the checking account of business owner Randy Sowers of South Mountain Creamery.

  • IRS changes policy after holding assets for years

    The issue of civil forfeitures has become increasingly controversial in recent years. CNBC's John Harwood explains why the seizure of bank accounts linked to unlawful transactions happen.