Weather Snowstorms


  • Ice and snow slam Midwest

    A winter storm is sweeping the Midwest bringing snow and sleet to the region, reports The Weather Channel's Reynolds Wolf.

  • Winter Storm Delphi could bring up to a foot of snow

    Heavy storms have been hitting the country since Thursday, with another already on its way.

  • Ice storm pummels Midwest

    Rain and snow threaten Black Friday shoppers in the Plains States, reports The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel.

  • Snow, tornadoes, thunderstorms moving into central US

    A mixture of bad weather is expected as a strong wet-storm system heads toward the central U.S. from the Rocky Mountains.

  • It's mid-October but looks like fall is over

    Parts of central New York was hit with up to 9 inches of snow over the weekend.

  • CNBC update: Snow hits Chicago ...again

    The former ATF Director Todd Jones will join the National Football League as special counsel for conduct, and Chicago saw even more snow, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

  • Why melting snow in Boston is bad news

    Boston saw a record amount of snow this winter, and some car owners aren't so happy it's finally melting.

  • Port Authority on LGA incident: Only minor injuries

    Port Authority's Pat Foye remarks on Thursday's LaGuardia Airport incident where a Delta airlines flight skid off the runway.

  • Hundreds of drivers stranded

    Hundreds of drivers in Kentucky are stranded on the highway, reports CNBC's Tyler Mathisen.

  • Retired pilot: LGA tower can't see anything

    LaGuardia Airport will remain closed until 7PM EST Thursday night. Retired airline pilot Robert Mark, provides insight to airline communications on bad weather days like today.

  • Another winter storm slams Northeast

    Heavy snow and freezing rain is covering much of the East Coast as another winter storm makes its way to parts of New England.

  • Winter weather ices over East Coast, Midwest

    Snow, sleet and ice have covered much of the East Coast and Midwest this winter, with recent forecasts of frigid conditions reaching the Carolinas and Texas.

  • Record cold; Weatherman stays in car

    The Weather Channel's Chris Warren reports from Quincy, Massachusetts, on record low temperatures this winter.

  • Power outages hit Southeast

    The Weather Channel's Jen Carfagno reports how the latest snowstorm is affecting the Southeast.

  • US: The snow keeps on coming

    The U.S.'s East Coast is feeling the brunt of the snow. NBC's Miguel Almaguer files this report.

  • Prepare for record-breaking snowfall

    Today, U.S. citizens in the Northeast will wake up to "dangerously cold temperatures." NBC's Sarah Dallof reports.

  • CNBC update: More snow in Boston

    Democrats have picked Philadelphia for its 2016 convention, and the ECB is raising the pressure on Greece, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

  • Mass. cops track not-so-bright robber through snow

    Boston has never had this much snow. The Weather Channel's Paul Goodloe stands in 28 inches of snow in Worcester, and tells a story about a man who robbed a sports bar and was tracked through his 'snow-prints.'

  • Winter Storm Marcus slams Northeast

    The Weather Channel's Keith Carson reports another major winter storm is hitting the Northeast, bringing snow and ice to the region.

  • Icy arctic blast clobbers Northeast

    The Weather Channel's Alex Wallace reports the latest detail on a winter storm that swept the country leaving freezing temperatures in its wake.