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  • French lawmakers want security

    CNBC’s Hadley Gamble outlines the calls for increased security across the country by French lawmakers following Friday’s deadly attacks.

  • Putin signalling cooperation: Analyst

    Tina Fordham, chief global political analyst at Citi, says Washington is distinguishing the Ukraine and Syrian conflicts when it comes to relations with Russia.

  • See uncertainty in capital markets: British Land CEO

    Chris Grigg, CEO of British Land, says that capital market volatility has had an impact on the property sector.

  • Iran, France have common enemy: Research Fellow

    Thierry Coville, a research fellow at Iris and research professor at Novancia, explains that Iran and France have a common enemy in the Islamic State.

  • Paris attack won’t have lasting effect on markets: Strategist

    Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen, head of strategy of multi-asset at Head of NN Investment Partners, discusses the market moves observed in the wake of the tragic attacks in Paris.

  • Iran’s ambitions in Syria

    NBC’s Ali Arouzi outlines the conflicting political interests in Syria.

  • Airline stock slump temporary after Paris: Director

    John Strickland, director of JLS consulting, says he doesn’t expect the Paris attacks to have a long term impact on airline stocks.

  • Europe's migrant crisis

    Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek politician and member of the New Democracy party, says Greece needs assistance dealing with the influx of refugees and there is a need to distinguish between economic migrants and refugees.

  • How can France fight terrorism?

    Nathalie Goulet, French Senator and member of the Union of Democrats and Independents, speaks to CNBC in light of the Paris terror attacks and says France needs more money to implement regulation and pay for better security to combat terrorism.

  • Europe opens lower after Paris terror attacks

    European equities opened lower Monday as traders digest the potential impact of a series of terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night.

  • How will markets react to Paris attacks?

    Stephen Cohen, chief investment strategist at BlackRock, says there will likely be a short-lived sell-off following the terror attacks in France, but expects the next few weeks to be uncertain for markets.

  • How can the West defeat ISIS?

    Helima Croft, managing director and chief commodities strategist of RBC Capital Markets, says there is a debate whether it is necessary to deploy ground troops in the Middle East to combat ISIS.

  • Stability needed to defeat ISIS: Pro

    Ayham Kamel, director for Middle East & North Africa at Eurasia Group, says stability in Iraq and Syria is needed to defeat ISIS.

  • World leaders target 2016 for Syria talks

    Ali Arouzi, NBC correspondent, talks about the efforts to arrange Syria peace talks and says their is an aim to hold free elections in Syria in 18 months.

  • Will France extend the state of emergency?

    Jean-Yves Leconte, French Socialist Senator, says it is necessary for French President Francois Hollande to extend the state of emergency in order to make citizens feel more secure.

  • How will Europe react to Paris attacks?

    Alan Mendoza, founder and the executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, says there is a danger that Europeans will move to the far-right in response to the terror attacks in France.

  • France in mourning after terror attacks

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble reports from Paris in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

  • What next for France?

    Hadley Gamble, CNBC correspondent, describes how the French government and other politicians have reacted to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

  • Can Europe maintain Schengen border area?

    Hadley Gamble, CNBC correspondent, discusses whether the Schengen border area can survive if European security measures are increased and how this may affect the thousands of refugees who have come to Europe in recent months.

  • The future of VR and AR

    Ambarish Mitra, CEO of Blippar, talks about his company's camera which facilitates augmented reality and his predictions for the future of the technology.

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