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  • Commodity currencies: Where they're going

    Charles St. Arnaud, FX strategist at Nomura, says commodity currencies will come under pressure thanks to a stronger U.S. dollar and lower commodity prices.

  • 'Hard to believe' yuan will devalue

    Hayden Briscoe, director of Asia Pacific fixed income at AllianceBernstein, says China will not look to devalue the yuan.

  • 'No issue at all' with Apple

    Michael Yoshikami, CEO of Destination Wealth Management, says Apple's earnings were not disappointing and it managed to take away customers from Android.

  • Danske Bank CFO talks negative rates

    Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, CFO of Danske Bank, discusses how the bank is faring in a negative interest rate environment.

  • Europe opens higher, commodities, earnings in focus

    European equities opened slightly higher on Tuesday with the Nasdaq hitting a record close and risks around the Greece crisis abating providing the trigger.

  • Precious stones: A commodity on the rise?

    Sandy Jadeja, chief market strategist at SignalPro, says investors are moving into diamonds and rubies.

  • This CIO sees upside for euro zone equities

    Caroline Simmons, U.K. deputy CIO at UBS, says she sees upside to euro zone equities, which will be driven by earnings growth.

  • Cloud has dampened margins: SAP CFO

    Luka Mucic, CFO of SAP, says the company is making money from the cloud, but growth in the business has dampened margins.

  • European business patchy: IFS CEO

    Alastair Sorbie, president and CEO of IFS, says business has been patchy across Europe.

  • Apple is an iPhone story: GAM Holding CEO

    GAM Holding CEO, Alex Friedman, says Apple Pay and Apple's smartwatch are side stories to the company's success.

  • Looking at bolt-on acquisitions: Novartis CEO

    Joe Jimenez, CEO of Novartis, says the company is looking for bolt-on acquisitions worth between $1 bilion to $3 billion, rather than mega-mergers.

  • Is the worst over for Greece?

    Clemens Fuest, president of the Centre for Economic Research, says that in the short term, the worst is over for Greece.

  • Europe’s big banks have been witnessing a management shake-up that could help boost the long-term prospects of the banking sector, analysts say.

  • We've offset Swiss franc impact: Actelion CEO

    Jean Paul Clozel, CEO of Actelion, says that operational performance is helping to offset the impact of a strong Swiss franc.

  • Progress with Cuba nearly 'irreversible': Analyst

    Stuart Culverhouse, global head of research at Exotix, says the progress in Cuban-U.S. relations is almost irreversible, despite some opposition.

  • Optimistic on Greek reforms: German 'wiseman'

    Volker Wieland, member of the German Council of Economic Experts, explains why he's optimistic that Greek reforms will be beneficial for the euro zone as a whole.

  • Europe opens higher; Greece reopens banks

    European equities opened higher on Monday as Greece reopened its banks and talk in Europe turns to the country's third bailout and measures to ease its debt burden.

  • See value in UK retail: Fund manager

    Jessica Ground, U.K. equities fund manager at Schroders, explains why she sees value in the U.K. retail sector.

  • Short-sellers targeting IPOs: Analyst

    Relte Schutte, analyst at Markit, explains why short sellers are targeting hot IPOs like Shake Shack, Etsy and Fitbit.

  • Greek demographics will be 'catastrophic'

    Charles Robertson, global chief economist at Renaissance Capital, warns of the impact of Greek demographics, as the number of pensioners rise.

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