Small Business Start-ups


  • All companies not created equal: Troy Carter

    Troy Carter, Atom Company CEO & founder, discusses where he is seeing opportunities in startups.

  • The Citelighter staff

    Maryland-backed TEDCO seeds as many start-ups as Goldman Sachs.

  • Silicon Valley's view of Square IPO

    Square expects to price its IPO between $11 and $13 per share, which undercuts its recent valuation. Re/code's Kara Swisher, shares her view of Square, and potential for some "unicorn companies."

  • Will this be the PayPal of Southeast Asia?

    Victor Liew, co-founder of Xfers, outlines the rationale behind the new i-Banking payment system.

  • Improve your investments with social trading

    Robert Lempka, CEO and founder of Ayondo, introduces the social trading platform which allows new investors to "follow and replicate" the top trades of other experienced traders.

  • Microsoft accelerator program boosting Seattle's startup scene

    CNBC's Kate Rogers reports on how Microsoft is boosting the Seattle entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Lytro Immerge to help VR take off

    Silicon Valley start-up Lytro's Immerge camera with patented light field technology could help virtual reality take off.

  • How one entrepreneur turned $400,000 debt into success

    Nihal Mehta, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, has created five start-ups and now uses the lessons from two failed companies to be a more effective investor.

  • Startup keeps Wall Streeters 'Hot'

    Can Norwegian Wool founder Michael Berkowitz grow his hobby, turned “jobby”, into a full-fledged business making Wall Streeters and other professional men “hot”? “Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet” until you talk to Small Biz Wiz, Carol Roth.”

  • Government has failed to engage with the technology conference, losing out on a chance to host next year, the founder tells CNBC.

  • iCracked working to fix your screen

    The start-up iCracked, which services mobile device repairs, is seeing lightning growth.

  • Lend and borrow items near you with RentSetGo

    Shruti Ajmera-Reddy, founder of RentSetGO shares how the company evolved from an idea during a biking trip to a peer-to-peer sharing platform.

  • What's behind Tripda's hyper-growth in India?

    Nitish Bhushan, regional manager for Tripda Asia, tells how the car-pooling service has created awareness of its platform in India.

  • The rise of the flexible workspace

    Is the era of the “traditional office space” over? Gabriela Hersham, co-founder & CEO at Huckletree, explains why the workspace must cater to the demands of new startups.

  • Crowdfund & get equity, too

    Regulators will unveil new rules allowing anyone to invest in crowdfunding startups. Luan Cox, Crowdnetic President and CEO, explains.

  • Paddle8's plans to disrupt auctions

    We want to serve the middle market, says Paddle8 co-founders Osman Khan and Aditya Julka, explaining their strategy to change the way art auctions take place.

  • Small business

    Candidates say they support small businesses. But what are they doing to help this key driver of economic growth?

  • Indonesian tech leaders court Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley is not aware how attractive Indonesia's tech environment is, says Naveen Menon, partner and Asia Pacific head of communications in media and technology practice at A.T. Kearney.

  • Couple in coffee shop

    Would you propose after one meeting at a coffee shop? Well, that's what a lot of today's VC deals are like, explains Jeff Crowe.

  • Ali Rowghani, former chief operating officer of Twitter

    Start-up incubator Y Combinator shifted more investing influence to Ali Rowghani. He told CNBC why he's playing the waiting game.