Small Business Start-ups


  • Camp for entrepreneurs

    CNBC's Kate Rogers takes a look at summer camp for innovative teens.

  • Robo-bartender shaking up mixology

    Dylan Purcell-Lowe, Somabar CEO, demonstrates how the new countertop machine allows users to craft their own cocktails in less than five seconds.

  • This is the key disruptive technology trend

    Speaking to CNBC at the Rise Conference, Jenny Lee, managing partner at GGV Capital, says decentralization, otherwise known as the sharing economy, is a key disruptive technology trend.

  • Unicorn

    This is the first time that a public company has said the unicorn bubble is impacting its business, Re/code reports.

  • New businesses rising in Durham

    How one entrepreneur is achieving small business success far away from Silicon Valley and New York City.

  • Tech check in Silicon Valley

    Scott McNealy, Wayin co-founder, discusses how social media is using big data to grow, and weighs in on tech valuation and venture capital markets.

  • New startup takes 'lug' out of luggage

    Bill Rinehart, DUFL founder and CEO, explains how his new app can help you plan a luggage-free trip.

  • Ventures into women-led startups

    Women don't get the access they need, says Susan Lyne, BBG Ventures president, discussing investing in women-led technology startups.

  • This start-up will help your college application

    Juan Jaysingh, co-founder of ZeeMee, says the Silicon Valley-based start-up helps high schoolers spice up their college applications with customized web profiles.

  • Cuban interns Gabriel Garcia, Gabriela Rodriguez and Raul Perera (left to right) are participating in a NYC-based tech accelerator program.

    A unique program is bringing entrepreneurs from Cuba to the U.S. to learn about US start-up and business practices.

  • Asia is racing ahead of Europe in the venture capital stakes, with some $10.1 billion flowing into the region, but is it too much?

  • Audible plants high-speed roots in Newark: CEO

    Donald Katz, founder & CEO, discusses his partnership with New Jersey to bring the world's fastest Wi-Fi to the urban city and create jobs.

  • When life gives you lemons, this founder says spike your lemonade

    There's a new bartender on the start-up block, and she's shaking up hard lemonade.

  • John Zimmer, co-founder and president of Lyft Inc.

    Lyft co-founder John Zimmer says that ridesharing services may create a new category of American worker, if forced to by regulators.

  • New tech & unexpected consequences

    Jeremy Liew is a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, discusses the pushback on some new technologies, and the role government can play.

  • Busting out a new career in bras

    After quitting a well-paying job as a venture capitalist, Michelle Lam starts True & Co., a bra company created to reshape the century old under garment.

  • People take pictures in front of SnapChat headquarters in Venice Beach, Calif.

    Venture capital investments rose to their highest level in nearly 15 years in the second quarter, with the majority going to software and media/entertainment companies.

  • Don't call it a tech bubble yet: Pro

    Scott Kupor, Andreessen Horowitz, shares his outlook on tech valuations and IPOs.

  • Uber's business model 'brillant' -  but... : Esther Dyson

    Esther Dyson, EDventure Holdings chairman, shares her thoughts on volatility and market valuations among startups and hones in on Uber. Also Dyson weighs in on the "sharing economy."

  • Marijuana plant

    One entrepreneur is lighting up the social networking space by combining tech with a love for cannabis.