Small Business Start-ups


  • HeTexted

    Watch the founder of HeTexted pitch her start-up to a panel of experts on CNBC.

  • Crowdsourcing love advice

    Watch the founder of HeTexted pitch her start-up to a panel of experts on CNBC.

  • Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Slack and Flickr.

    "It’s possible we’ll be writing bigger checks in the future,” Slack's CEO said. Re/code reports.

  • 2016 year of female entrepreneurship?

    Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest CEO, shares her thoughts on the rise of women in leadership roles in startups and regular business.

  • Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

    Silicon Valley is crowded with app creators, software developers and coders, but one start-up shines a bit brighter than the rest.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio invested in this unlikely Silicon Valley start-up

    This Santa Clara, CA-based start-up, the Diamond Foundry, has developed a technology that can grow hundreds of real diamonds within weeks in its lab.

  • A dentist and a doctor build a better baby changing pad

    Can PooPoose founder, Dana Fort, grow her hobby, turned “jobbie”, into a full-fledged business making safer diaper changing pads? “Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet” until you talk to Small Biz Wiz, Carol Roth.

  • Woman entrepreneur serious

    The venture capital funding gap is real for women entrepreneurs. How one "Shark Tank" investor is out to change that.

  • Why it's better to 'deal with it' and go public: Pro

    Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures founder and managing partner, shares his thoughts on the advantages of companies going public versus staying private.

  • Send your heartbeat to a long-distance lover

    British start-up Little Riot created a pillow that can help bring a couple closer together.

  • RTSafe’s brain and skull avatar

    In Greece, high-tech start-ups are emerging with disruptive technologies for the global marketplace. Here's a look at some hot fledglings.

  • An EU and a Greek flag wave in front of the ancient temple of Parthenon atop the Acropolis hill in Athens.

    Economic crisis often spurs entrepreneurial innovation as people strive for opportunity. Here's a look at this trend in a bankrupt nation.

  • Bridging the gender funding gap

    CNBC's Kate Rogers takes a look at what "Shark Tank's" Kevin O'Leary is doing to help woman gain access to capital to fund their businesses.

  • Xiaomi backing 56 startup companies

    Hugo Barra, vice president of global operations at Xiaomi, discusses the "Xiaomi ecosystem", a network of 56 startups which develop and produce new Xiaomi-branded products.

  • Siblings Rebecca and Daniel Dengrove of Brewla Bars turned to family and friends to help start their business.

    Research finds millennials are leaning more on family for start-up loans than prior generations.

  • An Uber driver in Washington, D.C.

    Lured by flexibility, ride-hailing company Uber continues to grow and attract drivers, according to a new Uber-funded survey.

  • International success to carry Netflix higher: VC

    Foundation Capital General Partner Paul Holland discusses Netflix cost concerns and the move towards original content.

  • Rollors Lawn Game

    From war games to lawn games, can US Air Force Major Matt Butler take on the business battlefield with his new lawn game: Rollers? DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB…YET, until you talk to Small Biz Wiz, Carol Roth.

  • *Engie to invest 130 mln euros in energy startup companies. *Engie staff encouraged to try out ideas outside company. A business built on cutting power demand is not a natural investment for a utility, but France's Engie, through its venture capital fund Engie New Ventures, this year bought a minority stake in KiWi.

  • Consolidation is inevitable: CEO

    Alex Depledge, founder and CEO of startup, says it was better to consolidate with a rival e-commerce company rather than to compete in markets or start an acquisition war.