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  • Congress and President-elect Donald Trump move to repeal the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. The Republicans, who control the U.S. Senate, plan to replace it with something else, but it is not clear yet what. That includes the possibility of ACA-like state-based exchanges where states choose, Medicaid for eligible and paying customers and...

  • UnitedHealth Group

    UnitedHealth on Tuesday posted quarterly earnings that beat expectations.

  • *Third-quarter revenue rises 11.6 percent to $46.29 bln. Shares of UnitedHealth, which beat Wall Street third-quarter earnings estimates, raised its full-year outlook and signaled 2017 earnings could also top analyst expectations, surged over 7 percent. President Barack Obama' s national healthcare reform law because it was unable to make money on the plans.

  • *Third-quarter revenue rises 11.6 percent to $46.29 bln. UnitedHealth Chief Executive Stephen Hemsley said 2017 earnings could beat Wall Street expectations if the company ends 2016 with strong financial growth. The company also raised its forecast for 2016 adjusted net earnings to about $8.00 per share, from $7.80- $7.95 per share.

  • NEW YORK, Oct 18- UnitedHealth Group Inc Chief Executive Officer Stephen Hemsley said on Tuesday during a conference call with analysts that he expects the strong growth the company has seen in 2016 to continue into 2017.. UnitedHealth President David Wichmann said on the same call that the company is comfortable with the 2017 analyst consensus for earnings.

  • American healthcare reform

    Insurer UnitedHealth Group sees some parts of the health-care overhaul as sound medicine.  Here's what provisions will remain  regardless of whether the law survives an upcoming Supreme Court ruling.