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  Monday, 21 Jul 2008 | 12:20 PM ET

Recommendations: Two Property Stocks

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

The bursting of the bubble has scared lots of investors away from real estate, but ING's Steve Burton thinks that's a mistake.

Burton's five-star ING Global Real Estate Fund is up an average of 16.71 percent per year over the last five years.

He points out that the fund encompasses an international strategy, with the United States accounting for 40 percent, the Asia-Pacific region another 40 percent, and the remainder in Europe.


But Burton's first choice is an American company: Simon Property Group, which owns 10 percent of the nation's shopping malls.

"What makes Simon different and better is, they are very opportunistic with respect to growing the company," he told CNBC. "It's a very patient company; Simon is all about understanding the business -- it was originally a family business -- and it's all about balance sheet."

He also likes Boston Properties, which recently bought New York's General Motors building.

"Boston Properties is fundeamentally a development company with management that goes back a good 20, 30 years plus,' he said. "They do not become enamored of their assets. Since `05, the company has sold over $4 billion of assets and paid, back to the shareholders, an aggregate $14 a share. This is a company that knows how to create value and when to return that value to the shareholders."


Disclosure information for Steve Burton was not immediately available.


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  Monday, 21 Jul 2008 | 12:16 PM ET

Stock Picks With Northern Exposure

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

If you ask him for directions, Andrew Pyle will point you north.

The wealth adviser for Scotia MacLeod Group and the Armstrong Pyle Group sees major opportunities for U.S. investors in Canada.

He believes it's not just Canada's wealth of natural resources that should attract investors.


"Resources represent more than 51 percent of the [Toronto Stock Exchange]," he told CNBC. "At the same time, when you dig below that...financials have come off sharply, and we think that's where the real value is right now for American investors."

Pyle says Canada's relatively small number of banks is an advantage for investors.

"You've got the big five Canadian banks: Royal Bank, CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce) , TD (Toronto Dominion Bank), Scotiabank (The Bank Of Nova Scotia), and BMO (Bank Of Montreal)," he said. "All five of those have...been pushed down a lot in value, and all five really representing some pretty decent opportunities going into 2009."

He thinks longer-term when it comes to resources, but he has some promising names in that space as well.

"You want to look for the large-cap names like Encana, Talisman, Suncor, Petro Canada - all of which have fairly diversified operations, so you're not just looking at crude oil. You're looking at crude oil, natural gas, and downstream," he said.

Another sector he recommends is insurance.

"You've got a very well-capitalized insurance-company sector in Canada, the likes of ManuLife, Sun Life," he said. "Both of them do have significant operations in Asia, so if you're looking for that play into the emerging markets, but still want to have a relatively sound company in the financial sphere, those two companies do stand out."

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  Monday, 21 Jul 2008 | 9:55 AM ET

Video: Select US Banks at Bargain Prices

Select US Banks at Bargain Prices

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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 4:32 PM ET

Analyst: Count on Energy & Petroleum!

Posted By: JeeYeon Park

"There are plenty of upsides to the E&P sector," said Pavel Molchanov, associate analyst at Raymond James. Following are his top stock picks.

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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 2:29 PM ET

If IBM Were Priced Like Google...

Posted By: Matt Nesto

Sure Google's sales and earnings grew -- are growing -- much faster than IBM's. But aside from the two tech bellwethers having comparable market caps of about $170 billion, that's about where the comparisons end.

I admit this is funky math, but bear with me:

If IBM were given Google's forward P/E of 24x estimates instead of its current 14x, it'd be a $210 stock with a market cap of nearly $290 billion -- that's bigger than No. 2 ranked GE's $279 billion.

And if IBM were trading at Google's forward price-to-sales ratio of 6.8x instead of its current 1.6x, it would be a $525 stock.. worth $725 billion.

That's 70 percent bigger than Exxon!

By certain trailing multiple measures afforded to Google, I can show you how IBM could be a TRILLION dollar stock... but that'd just by silly.

___________________________________________________ Video Reports:



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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 2:27 PM ET

Financial Stocks You Can Bank On

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

Waiting for a market expert to recommend financial stocks? Wait no longer. Wendell Perkins has banks on his shopping list.

"There is an enormous amount of value in this market today," the chief financial officer of Optique Capital Management told CNBC. "If you have a stronger stomach, perhaps, in the short term, but certainly, we're looking at a longer-term opportunity in this market."

He sees many of those value stocks as severely oversold.

"Analysts have been dreadfully wrong about their negative calls so far on many of the banks," he said.


Asked to name names, he starts with one of the week's big winners.

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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 2:24 PM ET

Prep For a Rebound: Credit Cards, Retail

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

Nearing the end of an eventful and exhausting week, Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso likes a retailer -- and a way to pay the bill.

"You shouldn't be jumping into this market until it shows some credible, real rallying," he told CNBC. "I don't think we've really seen that yet."


Rally or no, Grasso has a big favorite.

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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 2:05 PM ET

Picking Winners In Brazil

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

Your search for many happy returns should take you south, according to John Chisholm of Acadian Asset Management. He recommends stocks in two large and thriving Brazilian companies.

Chisholm's Acadian Energing Markets Fund is up an average of 32.7 percent per year over the last five years.


Topping his list is petroleum giant Petrobras.

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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 7:04 AM ET

Locking Your Cash in Prison Stocks

Posted By:

Prison stocks and waste management companies are the best places to lock cash in these turbulent times, due to their highly defensive value, Richard Wilson, fund manager at Threadneedle Asset Management told "Squawk Box Europe."

Wilson sees comfort and value in US prison stocks, like Corrections Corp. , which owns and operates prison correctional facilities in the US.

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  Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 4:05 AM ET

Buying Air to Counter Stocks Turmoil

Posted By: Nadina Richardson,|Special to

The industrial gases sector is shielded from cyclical effects and the four sector majors, Air Liquide, Linde, Praxair and Air Products can generate earnings growth of around 10 percent between 2007 and 2011, Jean-Paul Sabbagh, equity research analyst at Oddo Securities, said.

Air Products and Chemicals and Praxair are listed on the NYSE, Linde trades in Frankfurt and Air Liquide in Paris.

The four leading players have 70 percent of the market, meaning they have pricing power, raw materials for the sector are readily available and they have long-term contracts in place, Sabbagh wrote in a research note.

"This holds considerable appeal for investors in periods of stockmarket turmoil," he added.

Air Liquide is the most attractive of the four, Sabbagh wrote, and Oddo Securities has a "buy" recommendation on it.

Between 2002 and 2007, Air Liquide’s share price gained 50 percent, while the CAC 40 lost almost 10 percent and since last year the stock share price rose 14 percent, relative to a chemicals sector threatened by a squeeze.

- by Nadina Richardson, Special to


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