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  Thursday, 26 Jun 2008 | 9:03 AM ET

Powering Your Portfolio: Uranium

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The uranium sector is due for a rebound and investors can profit from this by buying either miners or companies building nuclear power plants, according to Peter Howe, head of trading at Helvetia Wealth.

Uranium miner Cameco, and Japanese industrial companies Mitsubishi Industries, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Nippon Crucible and Toshiba, will all benefit if prices of uranium rise as expected, Howe told "Worldwide Exchange."

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  Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | 3:30 PM ET

Second Half Gold: Mining, Medicine & Food

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

The second half of 2008 looks mighty encouraging to Al Meyers.

His AHA Diversified Equity Fund is up an average of 10.11 percent per year over the last five years.

"It's all going to depend upon earnings," he told CNBC. "It's going to set the tone for the second half. There are some very good values out there right now."

So where does he see them?


Topping his list is Barrick Gold.

"It's a well-managed company," he said. "The valuation right now is attractive. We've owned this stock as a firm for a long time. Call it an inflation play, a commodity play, it's still a good stock holding in an uncertain market environment."

Meyers also likes ConAgra Foods and Medtronic.

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  Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | 2:48 PM ET

Stock Picker Likes Sunnier Second Half

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

Patrick Becker sees brighter days in store for the market, once it re-focuses from what's going wrong to what's going right.

His Becker Value Equity Fund is up 1.77 percent in this difficult year.

Does the second half of the year look better to him than the first half?

"We think so," he told CNBC. "We think there's some good, compelling values out there."


Highest on his list is FedEx, despite the soaring price of fuel.

"Whenever the fuel prices move rapidly, up or down, they get either a windfall or they get hurt, and what you've seen in the last quarter is them getting hurt fairly substantially," he said. "The opportunity here is, FedEx is a terrific company, one of the best, they invest in the downturns; the little guy...going out of business, that's an opportunity for FedEx."

Becker also likes Starbucks (surprised?) and Lawson Software.

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  Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | 12:26 PM ET

Stock-Picking Themes: Asia, Aging & the Web

George Shipp, portfolio manager at Scott & Stringfellow, says focusing on three themes will help an investor weather the current market turbulence.

His five-star BB&T Special Opportunities Fund is up an average of 16.7 percent per year over the last five years.

His themes: the rise of Asian economies, and the ensuing demand for basic materials and energy; the continued growth of the Internet; and the graying of the population.

He named two stocks that fit his themes.


Shipp's first pick is Nalco.

"(It's) a water chemicals treatment company," he told CNBC. "They're number one in the business; everybody likes clean water -- there's no enemies; they have a great exposure to the energy industry."

He also likes Akamai.

"It's the largest content-delivery network," he said. "Akamai makes the Internet run faster... their number-one competitor is a four-dollar stock right now, and Akamai recently prevailed in a patent-infringement suit, so we like their competitive position there."


George Shipp owns shares of Nalco and Akamai both personally and through his fund.


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  Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | 9:50 AM ET

Video: Time to Buy in India

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Analysts say the bears wull rule will the Sensex -- the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index -- for the next few quarters.

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  Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | 9:19 AM ET

Top Tech Stock Picks

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

What's the shortest path to long-term value? Michael Lippert, portfolio manager of the Baron iOpportunity Fund, offered his stock recommendations for this volatile market.

"We model our companies out four or five years, and we look at the potential for those companies to deliver earnings and cash flow out in the future," Lippert explained to CNBC. "My fund looks for investments in the Internet and information technology spaces."

So whose models look the most rewarding?


At the top of his list is Equinix.

"Equinix operates data centers that act as hubs of the Internet," he said. "Equinix's business has grown at a 30 percent rate for the last several years; we think that will continue; they generate very high margins and a lot of discretionary free cash flow."

He also likes Nextel International Holding.

"They operate the (Sprint) Nextel assets in Latin America," he said. "They're run by a high-quality U.S. management team; their top markets are Mexico and Brazil; those markets down there are less penetrated than up here; they're taking share, even in challenging markets."

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  Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | 5:27 PM ET

Video: 'Surprising Strength' in Pharma & Banks

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What's driving the market on Tuesday afternoon? Bernard McSherry, of Cuttone & Co., checked in with CNBC.

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  Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | 4:57 PM ET

Video: Doubling Down Against Metal and Oil

There are some new short commodity ETNs on the market. CNBC's Bob Pisani takes a look.

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  Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | 3:47 PM ET

Shopping For Nutritious Food Stocks

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

Food inflation has been front-page stuff for months now, with commodity prices surging and Midwestern floods pushing prices still higher, but Alexia Howard of Sanford Bernstein has found a couple of food stocks that can still nourish a portfolio.

"These companies have been struggling with high commodity-cost inflation for the last 18 months," she told CNBC. "What's different now is they're able to take pricing much more rapidly than they were in 2007; they're not locking themselves into long-term price points; instead, they're having much more frequent conferences with retailers."


At the top of her list is Sara Lee.

"It's a combination of very strong price increases that we've been seeing in the market data, plus strong productivity improvements," she said. "Sara Lee reduced its head count at the corporate center by 300 people at the end of the last quarter."

She also likes Kraft Foods.

"This is really all about dairy-cost inflation, which has plagued the company over the last year," she explained. "The year-on-year inflation in cheese has basically come down to zero...and that should really start to help Kraft's margins."

Dean Foods is also on the Sanford Bernstein "buy" list.

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  Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | 2:05 PM ET

Media Stock Picks: The Mouse Roars

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

There are a lot of downdrafts in the media-business atmosphere right now, but Tuna Amobi of Standard and Poor's has "strong-buy" ratings on a couple of high-profile companies.

"Beyond companies that are relatively diversified, we are very negative on those that rely predominantly on advertising, such as CBS," he told CNBC.

So who gets raves from him?


"Disney seems to be somewhat resilient," he said. "As we have seen time and again, the theme parks have held up relatively well, and in addition to that, Disney has some...'steady-as-she-goes' businesses (such as) ESPN."

He also likes Time Warner Cable, although he's generally negative across the rest of cable TV.

"(It) is also a 'strong-buy' recommendation in our view, partly because of the catalyst that we expect because of the separation from the parent company (Time Warner) , as well as the integration of Adelphia," he said.


Neither Tuna Amobi, his family, nor his firm owns shares in CBS, Disney, Time Warner Cable or Time Warner, nor do they have any investment banking or other business relationship with those companies.


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