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  • 1-on-One: Arnie & Tonya

    Arnie and Tonya, who live in Indianapolis, say they're so frustrated with their financial mistakes that they're ready to walk away from it all. They ask Suze to help.

  • Suze Call: Ben

    Ben, who lives in Washington, says he's $30,000 underwater on a small condo he has outgrown. He tells Suze he can't sell & take the hit and wants to know what to do?

  • Suze Call: Colleen in Washington

    Colleen in Washington says her 27-year-old son is living the high life and she's to blame. She wants to know how to say 'no' when he asks for money?

  • Can I Afford It? Carly

    Carly, who's 14, asks Suze if she can afford to spend $299 to buy a pair of Studio Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

  • Deferring taxes

    Should you be deferring your taxes now or is that a short-sighted move?

  • 1-on-One: Belinda

    Belinda in Texas says her poor financial decisions have finally caught up to her. She wants to know how to turn it around.

  • Suze Call: Marie

    Marie says her accountant told her to liquidate her 401(k) to pay off $25,000 in IRS debt. She wants to know if Suze agrees.

  • Can I Afford It? Rothani

    Rothani, who's 12, asks Suze if she can buy a used bass clarinet for $385.

  • Get the right advice

    Avoid the minefields of bad financial advice, with Suze Orman.

  • 1-on-One: Pat in Conn.

    When Pat was on the show nearly 2 years ago she could not stop giving her money away, even to the detriment of her family. Now she's back to update Suze on the changes she's made.

  • Suze Call: Medina

    Medina, who lives in New York, says a financial planner friend suggests she invest in an annuity for retirement. She wants to know what Suze thinks.

  • Can I Afford It Jr? Ayonnah

    Ayonnah, who's 10, asks Suze if she can afford to spend $129.95 to buy a Lego Architecture Imperial Hotel.

  • Suze Call: Liz

    Liz in Ohio tells Suze she has her own retirement account and home. She's getting married this summer to a man who has debt and asks if she needs a pre-nup agreement.

  • Moneylogue: Protecting your money

    Suze shares her thoughts on the best way to protect your credit card transactions by comparing old mag-stripe technology to the newer tech chip cards.

  • Suze Call: Nora, Texas

    Last year Nora's husband separated their money and opened his own account. What should Nora do next?

  • 1-on-One: Doug & Carrie

    Carrie and Doug from Minneapolis are worried they will not be able to stay in their home when she retires in seven years.

  • Can I Afford It? Dawn

    Dawn, age 52, wants to know if she can afford to spend $30,000 on a 2014 Mustang convertible.

  • Suze's take on 'myRA'

    A look at President Obama's new "myRA" retirement account.

  • 1-on-One: Bill & Lisa

    Bill and Lisa aren't making enough money and Lisa thinks it's Bill's fault. Suze sees it differently and sets them straight.

  • Can I afford it? Lisa

    Lisa asks Suze if she can afford to spend $1,000 to buy two tickets to a Cher concert.

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