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  • What do falling commodity prices mean for emerging market economies?

  • Taiwan said on Wednesday it will allow its banks to invest in lenders in neighboring China, as the ruling party seeks to shore up political support just over a week before the island's presidential elections.

  • Taiwan and China have reached an initial agreement to let Taiwan banks use their Hong Kong subsidiaries to invest in mainland lenders, the Financial Times reported on Friday, citing unidentified sources.

  • Micron Technology, the largest U.S. maker of memory chips, and smaller rival Nanya Technology have signed an agreement on technology licensing and a possible chip joint venture, sources from both companies said.

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    BRIC is out. These new global investment hot spots are in.

  • Greater China investors have much to celebrate. Despite the recent turmoil in financial markets, stocks in China and Hong Kong are still booking double- and triple-digit gains year-to-date. This week's A Fund Affair takes a look at a hedge fund that invests in Chinese companies listed across the region.

  • China Airline Fire

    A plane belonging to Taiwan's China Airlines exploded and caught fire soon after landing on Japan's southern island of Okinawa on Monday, but officials said all 165 people on board had escaped safely.

  • Hong Kong Disney

    Disney reports that it continues to support the struggling Hong Kong Disneyland. Well, now we may know one reason why it's struggling. Just as every Disney movie going back to "Steamboat Willie" probably has been pirated in China, China now has a state-owned amusement park that recently included a mouse character, a woman with black hair surrounded by seven... elves... and pirate music. Not pirated music (well, maybe it was), but pirate music.

  • Citigroup has agreed to buy Taiwan's Bank of Overseas Chinese (BOOC) for $426 million, a BOOC executive said on Monday, amid growing foreign interest in Taiwan's undervalued banking sector.