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  • LOS ANGELES, May 25- McDonald's Corp has temporarily closed its headquarters for the third year in a row as worker wage protests targeted the fast-food company's annual meeting, it said on Wednesday. McDonald's, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, has encouraged employees to work from home, spokeswoman Lisa McComb said in an email. Workers from McDonald's and other...

  • Consolidation in telecoms sector is inevitable: Northstream

    Northstream CEO, Bengt Nordstrom says he doesn’t expect telecom players like O2 and Three to “sit still”, but rather look for interest from other firms, following a failed merger deal.

  • Consumers want more mobile data: Tele2 CEO

    Allison Kirkby, CEO of Tele2, says there is "insatiable" demand for mobile data and the company is seeing strong profit margins as a result of its transition from providing voice communications to data communications.

  • BT CEO confident EE bid will be approved

    Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT, is confident his company's acquisition of rival EE will go through without problems.

  • China telcos hinge on government moves: HSBC

    Neale Anderson, telecom & media analyst for Asia-Pacific at HSBC, explains his cautious outlook for China's telecom industry.

  • Tech IPO market has been anemic: JPMorgan head of TMT

    Kurt Simon, JPMorgan Chase Head of Technology, discusses the IPO market, the future of telecommunications sector, and the M&A environment.

  • Vonage shifts focus towards small biz

    Vonage CEO Alan Masarek discusses opportunity in small business and the company's customer acquisition strategy.

  • Shaking things up in Singapore's telco sector

    Malcolm Rodrigues, CEO of MyRepublic, explains how the internet service provider wants to make a difference in Singapore's mobile landscape.

  • Wireless price war: VZ, S & T

    Amir Rozwadowski, Barclays, discusses competition between big names in the telecom sector, data traffic, and impact of the Apple Watch.

  • Telenor's 'big potential' for expansion

    Telenor is planning to expand into countries like Malaysia, India and Bangladesh. Jon Fredrik Baksaas, CEO of Telenor says he sees "big potential" in this region.

  • Telenor CEO: Why we missed Q4 expectations

    Jon Fredrik Baksaas, CEO of Telenor, discusses the company's results and explains why companies like his will see benefits in the future.

  • Mexican billionaire: Opportunities in telecom

    Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas of Grupo Salinas says fixed rate securities are attractive in Mexico. He also sees a lot of opportunity in the telecom space. "Everybody wants a smartphone," he adds.

  • Yahoo Scraps Telecommuting

    Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer is beginning a "no telecommuting" rule in June. Regina Lewis, USA Today contributor and Chuck Wilsker, Telework Coalition president & CEO, share their opinions. "Marissa is not going for balance, she's going for a turnaround," says Lewis.