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  • Kudlow: Apple has a good point

    CNBC senior contributor Larry Kudlow weighs in on all events the Apple and FBI are encountering during the controversy of retrieving data from San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. Also, insight on the latest political events.

  • There is time to stop Donald Trump: Sara Fagen

    The race is not over yet, and Donald Trump has to knock off Cruz and Rubio, says CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow, in discussing the presidential race with CNBC contributor Sara Fagen.

  • Larry Kudlow

    Growth is the number-one issue of this presidential campaign, beating out national security. This is why Republican candidates look so uninspired.

  • Kudlow decides against running for Senate

    CNBC Senior Contributor Larry Kudlow explains why he decided not to run for Senate despite being urged by Republicans.

  • Donald Trump announces his candidacy for the U.S. presidency at Trump Tower in New York City.

    A lesson in the two biggest news events of the past week.

  • The race for second place in NH primary?

    Reporting from New Hampshire, CNBC's Larry Kudlow highlights his conversation with GOP presidential candidate, John Kasich, and gives his outlook for the primary just hours before the polls close.

  • NH: Kasich gaining ground?

    CNBC Senior Contributor Larry Kudlow talks about his conversation with GOP presidential hopeful John Kasich and which candidates will likely be left after the New Hampshire primaries. Dr. Carson will probably drop out, predicts Kudlow.

  • Donald Trump after the Republican U.S. presidential candidates debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, Feb. 6, 2016.

    GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump provides perspective on the market selloff, and shares his economic growth message.

  • Trump: US losing its companies, I'd cut taxes

    GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump shares his economic plan for America, and simplifying the tax code.

  • Trump: Jeb not a very smart person

    Gov. Jeb Bush criticized Donald Trump's trade plan. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts.

  • Donald Trump: Syrian refugees 'could be Trojan Horse'

    GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is asked about his tax plan, proposal for boosting economic growth in the U.S., the GOP party and Syrian refugees.

  • Trump's populous card 'clever': Larry Kudlow

    CNBC's John Harwood and Larry Kudlow, discuss the big money behind the GOP candidates. You may be looking at a very protracted race,says Kudlow.

  • Did GOP debate set Rubio back?

    CNBC's John Harwood and Larry Kudlow, discuss which GOP candidates lost and gained ground after Saturday's Republican debate.

  • Larry Kudlow's take from Iowa

    CNBC's senior contributor Larry Kudlow reports from Des Moines, Iowa, on comments by Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, and his view of the Republican and Democrat stories as they unravel.

  • Ben Carson: Here's my tax plan for the first 100 days...

    CNBC's Larry Kudlow, and Dr. Ben Carson, GOP presidential candidate, talk about the presidential election and the issues Dr. Carson is most focused on, including establishing a tax hiatus.

  • Stanley Fischer

    The Fed totally misread the economic situation and now it's freaking out about all the market volatility, says Larry Kudlow.

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

    Obama has the wrong approach to ISIS, says Larry Kudlow. Paul Ryan has the right stuff to help us defeat the terrorists.

  • Larry Kudlow

    Make no mistake: Taxes chased GE out of Connecticut, says Larry Kudlow. What the state needs now is a dose of free-market capitalism.

  • Larry Kudlow

    It was a rough start to the year but the world isn't ending. Here's what the Fed and China need to do, says Larry Kudlow.

  • bernanke_ben_100721_140.jpg

    How closely were you paying attention to Ben Bernanke's lecture series?

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