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  • The European Space Agency's prospective Moon Village.

    A permanent “moon village” might allow tourists to holiday on the moon, as well as provide opportunities for science, business and mining, the European Space Agency has said.

  • German police conducts a control at the German-Belgian border in Aachen, Germany, to check vehicles.

    In the aftermath of the Brussels attacks, Belgium has reintroduced border checks, drawing attention to Europe's open borders.

  • Hightened security in US airports

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports from the Newark Liberty airport in the wake of the Brussels attacks.

  • Police officers stand guard around the Zaventem Airport after two explosions went off in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, 2016.

    Stocks in the tourism sector fell as a result of the terror attacks in Brussels, but the decline will only be short term, say experts.

  • LONDON, March 22- British holiday company Thomas Cook said customers were delaying booking holidays, uncertain of making plans as they see previously popular destinations such as Turkey as less safe. An attack on tourists in Istanbul in January caused demand for trips to Turkey to plunge, while last year there were also attacks in Paris, Egypt and Tunisia, making...

  • Traders look at Cuba strategy

    The FMHR traders discuss the best way to play the news companies are making deals in Cuba.

  • March 18- Upscale jeweler Tiffany& Co said it expected profit to fall in the first half of this fiscal year as a strong dollar hurts tourist spending at its stores in the United States and erodes revenue from other markets. Weakness in the global economy and a strong dollar have discouraged tourists from buying luxury items, hurting companies including Tiffany,...

  • *Cuba to remove tax on tourist dollars, with caveats. *Government, Obama supporters in Cuba call for embargo end. HAVANA, March 17- Cuba made a rare gesture of reciprocity to the United States on Thursday, three days before a historic visit by U.S.

  • Sales in Hong Kong, the biggest market for Swiss watches, have been depressed as China's economic slowdown and Beijing's anti-corruption campaign have hurt spending by mainland Chinese, which shows no signs of rebounding. As well as China's slowdown, tourism in Paris, another luxury goods hub, has been hit by the Islamist attacks in November, while Russians...


  • US resumes mail service to Cuba

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on a new regulatory change that has allowed folks in the U.S. to resume sending mail to Cuba.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line CEO: Cruising to Cuba

    U.S. removes Cuban ports from security list. Norwegian Cruise Line CEO, Frank Del Rio, discusses what this means for his business.

  • Bermuda's GDP per capita is over $93,000.

    Islands enjoy higher credit ratings and richer and more open economies than their landlocked counterparts, Standard & Poor's said on Thursday.

  • A polar bear in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

    Berit, a 16-year-old female, escaped her pen into a behind-the-scenes area Wednesday.

  • WASHINGTON, March 16- Hundreds of thousands of government workers, tourists and business travelers could face a chaotic commute in the Washington, D.C., area on Wednesday when the second-busiest U.S. subway system will be shut down for emergency safety checks. The estimated 700,000 people who ride the Washington- area Metro subway system every weekday,...

  • Cuban citizen Armando (L) and U.S tourist Lisa Fragoso wave U.S flag while passing the U.S. Interests Section, in Havana July 20, 2015.

    President Obama will be visiting Cuba soon, but the U.S. must do two things for the island nation now, writes Scott Gilbert.

  • United Airlines has filed to begin commercial flights between the U.S. and Cuba. Here’s what you need to know about Cuban tourism.

  • China may be slowing down but Chinese holidaymakers are still shopping, benefiting some unexpected brands.

  • The big Anbang

    CNBC's Susan Li looks into the Chinese company Anbang who is making headlines today with its takeover bid for Starwood Hotels.

  • BERLIN, March 12- Burkhard Scholz, the manager of a four-star hotel on the wooded shore of a lake near Berlin, had 10 trainee jobs up for grabs last year. "In Germany we can't find any young people who want to do this extremely demanding trainee programme... Like other hotel bosses, Scholz sees the 1.1 million migrants who arrived in Germany last year as potential...