Intellectual Property Trademarks

  • The fierce, big-money patent fight between Apple and Samsung left the U.S. Supreme Court groping for a solution on Tuesday.

  • WASHINGTON, Oct 11- The fierce, big-money patent fight between Apple and Samsung left the U.S. Supreme Court groping for a solution on Tuesday, as the justices puzzled over how to discern the value of individual design elements in a complex product like an iPhone. The eight justices heard arguments in Samsung's bid to pare back $399 million of $548 million it paid...

  • WASHINGTON, Oct 11- The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday signaled a willingness to reduce the potentially huge penalties imposed for ripping off a patented design as it heard arguments in the legal fight over the amount Samsung should pay Apple for copying the iPhone's distinctive appearance. Smartphones like Cupertino, California- based Apple's iPhone and...

  • NEW YORK, Aug 4- Apple Inc deserved the hundreds of millions of dollars in damages Samsung Electronics Co Ltd paid for infringing patented designs of the iPhone because the product's distinctive look drives people to purchase it, a group of design industry professionals told the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday. They include famous fashion names Calvin Klein,...

  • Whole Foods not the 'world's healthiest grocery store'

    The US Patent and Trademark Office rejects the grocery chain's attempt to update its advertising slogan.

  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seal is displayed inside the headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

    Many start-ups receive tons of funding for taking control of an untapped market. But that doesn't mean they have great patent protection.

  • NEW DELHI, May 13- India announced a new intellectual property policy on Friday, speeding up the online registration of patents and trademarks, but resisted pressure from the United States and other Western countries to amend its patent laws. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in 2014, global drug brands led by U.S. companies have been pushing for...

  • While Anheuser-Busch was approved to swap out it's traditional "Budweiser" label for "America," the company has not filed a trademark for the name.

  • Facebook scores major trademark victory in China

    Beijing Municipal High People's Court ruled the Pearl Rivers Drinks factory should not have been allowed to register the 'face book' trademark.

  • Apple taking trademark dispute to China's highest court

    The tech giant says it will take its battle to protect the iPhone name to the Supreme People's Court.

  • Chipotle files for Better Burger name trademark

    CNBC's Seema Mody reporting the news that Chipotle has filed for the name trademark of Better Burger, possibly expanding the company's non-Mexican offerings.

  • Would you 'McBrunch'?

    Discussing if McDonald's "McBrunch" concept will turn around the company's stock performance, with CNBC contributor Carol Roth, and Mark Hake, Hake Capital Management.

  • Battle over the 'Duffin'

    It's part donut and part muffin, with a touch of controversy. It's a "duffin," and it's coming to Starbucks. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports from London.

  • The mom behind 'The Honest Toddler'

    Bunmi Laditan,"The Honest Toddler" creator & author, discusses her trademark dispute with actress Jessica Alba over the "Honest" name.

  • Apple Buys 'Lightning' Trademark From Motorcycle Company Harley-Davidson

    Who would have thought motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson owned something Apple might desperately desire?

  • Unilever: Branding for the Future

    Kees Kruythoff, Unilever North America president, discusses his company's abundant portfolio of America's favorite brands; including Skippy peanut butter and Dove soap, and reveals Unilever's plans to introduce new products and capture additional market share.

  • Google

    It is often said that too much of a good thing is bad. In the trademark and brand world this has a special and unique interpretation.

  • Pretzel Crisps

    Brand experts and trademark lawyers say the value of simple, easily understood brand names has escalated in the Internet era because consumers are more likely to find such products while doing searches on the Web.

  • Apple iPad

    Apple's legal row over its iPad trademark in China creates a window of opportunity for rivals such as Lenovo Group and Samsung Electronics as they try to chip away at the U.S. firm's dominance of the potentially vast Chinese tablet market.

  • businessman-banana-risk-200.jpg

    China's trademark system is a minefield of murky rules and opportunistic "trademark squatters" that even the world's biggest companies and their highly-paid lawyers find hard to navigate, as Apple and Facebook are the latest to find out.