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  • Trading ISM Data Monday, 2 Apr 2012 | 12:49 PM ET
    Trading ISM Data

    Treasury yields are down after ISM results show the U.S. manufacturing sector has improved. Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services says "right now, I think yields are going higher and the curve is going to steepen." Meanwhile Todd Gordon, Aspen Trading Group, offers his view on the Norweigan krone.

  • Fast Money’s Best Ideas for Q2 Friday, 30 Mar 2012 | 3:24 PM ET

    With the quarter drawing to a close on Friday, we asked the gang as well as some Fast friends for the best ideas going into Q2. Here’s what’s on their radars.

  • Where the Yen Is Headed Next: Strategist Friday, 30 Mar 2012 | 2:35 PM ET
    Japanese Flag

    Think the yen's headed for more weakness? You won't hear it from this strategist.

  • Trader Triple Play: Q2 Predictions Friday, 30 Mar 2012 | 1:30 PM ET
    Trader Triple Play: Q2 Predictions

    Sharing perspective on what investors should expect from the markets in Q2, with Gordon Charlop, Rosenblatt Securities, Anthony Grisanti, GRZ Energy, and Jeff Kilburg, Treasury Curve.

  • Your First Move For Thursday March 29th Wednesday, 28 Mar 2012 | 6:12 PM ET

    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

  • Gold Price ‘Too Low’: Goldman Sachs Wednesday, 28 Mar 2012 | 7:06 AM ET

    The price of gold, one of the most eagerly watched indicators of market confidence, is currently “too low” relative to real interest rates, according to commodities analysts at Goldman Sachs.

  • Treasury Yield Curve: Reason to Be Cheerful Tuesday, 27 Mar 2012 | 2:22 AM ET
    New York Stock Exchange Traders

    When does a rising sovereign bond yield curve signify positive sentiment? When it’s at rock-bottom to start with. A steepening yield curve, as well as the rise in absolute yields, suggests that the market expects interest rates to be rising sooner than the 2015 date that the Fed has implied.

  • bernake_ben_testify_200.jpg

    Despite improving economic data and rising Treasury yields, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is right to be worried about a false dawn for the U.S. economy, Randall S. Kroszner, a former governor of the Federal Reserve told CNBC on Friday.

  • To Trade the Dollar, Watch the Curve Thursday, 22 Mar 2012 | 12:22 PM ET
    Businessman with crystal ball

    This currency pro is keeping tabs on Treasury yields to determine the dollar's direction.

  • Rising Yields: Buy Fixed Income Now? Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012 | 1:51 PM ET
    Rising Yields: Buy Fixed Income Now?

    Bond yields are still near historic lows, but with this uptick in yields, is it time to reallocate your portfolio on the fixed-income side? Jeffrey Christakos, Westfield Wealth Mgmt. weighs in.

  • iran-strait-of-hromuz-navy-200.jpg

    Blackstone vice chairman Byron Wien told CNBC that oil prices will drop further, predicting that tensions with Iran will loosen this year.

  • Commodity Prices Slip, Dollar Heads Higher Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012 | 10:05 AM ET
    Commodity Prices Slip, Dollar Heads Higher

    Why the markets have taken a turn for the worse this morning amid a risk-averse trading environment, with Byron Wien, Blackstone Advisory Partners.

  • Strategist: Shifting Winds Ahead for the Greenback Monday, 19 Mar 2012 | 11:49 AM ET

    This strategist is short the dollar, but he expects the outlook to change.

  • portfolio_chart_glasses_93.jpg

    An unpredictable market, rising fuel prices, and growing concern that inflation may trend higher as the economic recovery takes hold. Enter: Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities.

  • A New Option for the Retirement Crowd Friday, 16 Mar 2012 | 2:18 PM ET

    The government wants to make it easier for workers to convert part of their 401(k) savings into an annuity that would pay guaranteed income checks for life — no matter the ups and downs in the markets.

  • Will the Market Rally Last? Friday, 16 Mar 2012 | 7:30 AM ET

    The market rally seen in recent sessions could be short lived as many downside risks remain, Gemma Godfrey, head of investment strategy at Brooks Macdonald Asset Management told CNBC Friday.

  • Trading on Risk Sentiment? Be Careful Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | 11:05 AM ET
    Businessman with crystal ball

    Risk appetite has been a good predictor of currency moves ever since the financial crisis, but that's changing.

  • Foreign Holdings of US Treasury Debt Hit Record Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | 9:29 AM ET

    Foreign demand for U.S. Treasury debt rose to a record high in January. China, the largest buyer of Treasury debt, increased its holdings for the first time in six months.

  • Move Cautiously Away From Safe Treasurys: Strategist Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | 8:56 AM ET

    Yield movements in 10 and 30-year US bonds suggest money is filtering away from safe haven Treasurys as investors look to boost returns.

  • Dollar's Strength Continues, Aussie Gets a Lift Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | 8:16 AM ET

    The dollar stays aloft and Brazil talks tough - it's time for your FX Fix.