Bonds Treasurys

  • Are Bonds Still Safe?

    Alec Young, global equity strategist at S&P Capital IQ, explains why bond investors are getting as "rough a ride" as equity investors.

  • How Long Will Treasurys Sell-Off Last?

    Laurent Fransolet, head of European interest rates strategy at Barclays, says the sell-off in 10-year U.S. Treasurys is nearly over, and that yields will stabilize within the next few months.

  • Santelli: Convergence vs. Correction

    CNBC's Rick Santelli turns a technical eye on the 10-year Note.

  • Rising Interest Rate Plays

    Experts share their trades on the jump in yields, as the 10-year note hits a new 22-month high and the U.S. dollar nears a three-week top.

  • Time to Bet Against Financials?

    Jason Goldberg, Barclays analyst, provides insight on how the jump in the 10-year Note is impacting bank stocks.

  • Santelli's Morning Bond Update

    CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market, and the U.S. dollar.

  • Cramer's Stocks to Watch

    Don't start your trading day without finding out what CNBC's Jim Cramer is watching ahead of the opening bell.

  • Are World Economies Living on Borrowed Time?

    The Bank for International Settlements says current economic policies around the world are set up for failure. CNBC's Steve Liesman and Stephen Cecchetti, BIS, discuss the risks associated with low-rates environments.

  • Is Cash 'the Right Position'?

    Mark Sebastian, chief operating officer at Option Pit Mentoring and Consulting, describes the current situation in which bonds and equities are correlating as "weird" and advises holding cash.

  • Is There an Equity Rotation?

    Dan Greenhaus, chief global strategist at BTIG, talks about the "rotation" into developed countries' equities and how the US Treasury sell-off has gone too far.

  • We're Out of Bonds, Buying Stocks: Auth

    How to play bonds and stocks now, with Steve Auth, Federated Investors, and Zane Brown, Lord Abbet.

  • What's Bernanke Afraid Of?

    CNBC's Rick Santelli talks with Praxis Trading's Yra Harris, about "stress" on trading overnight interest rates.

  • Bullard Doubts Bernanke's Timing

    St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard worries the Fed's announcement that it will eventually reduce its asset-buying program was premature, reports CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • Santelli's Morning Bond Update

    CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market, and the U.S. dollar.

  • The Case for Treasurys

    Mark Kiesel, managing director & global head of corporate bond portfolio management, PIMCO, says he sees a much weaker economy and that consumer debt and the global economy will take a toll. Rates will continue to be attractive over the next few months, he adds.

  • Why Treasury Yields Will Rise Quickly

    Simon Ballard, senior credit strategist at National Australia Bank, expects 10-year Treasurys to climb higher quickly in the next few months and discusses the impact it will have on the rest of the credit space.

  • Spike in US Yields Bad For Asian Equities: Expert

    Kelvin Tay, Regional CIO, Southern APAC at UBS Wealth Management says markets are concerned with the speed of the rise in U.S. treasury yields.

  • Cramer says that higher rates are not bad news for everyone.

  • Signs the Fed could pull back on its easy money policies sent the dollar higher and interest rates rose to a two-year high, jarring stocks and other risk markets around the globe.

  • Bond Market on the Move

    The 10-year Treasury is up around 2.44 percent. Ken Volpert, Vanguard, and CNBC's Herb Greenberg, discuss the move in the bond market.