Global Markets 2011 - Special Report

Trish Regan


Trish Regan was an anchor on CNBC's "The Call." An Emmy-nominated correspondent, Regan also reported for CNBC's documentary unit, and provided regular economic reports and analysis for NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams and The Today Show.

Regan recently reported two in-depth hours on the emerging underground marijuana industry entitled "Marijuana Inc.: Inside America’s Pot Industry" and "Marijuana USA." Her investigation exposed a multi-billion dollar underground trade that authorities are nearly powerless to stop. Her book, "Joint Ventures: Inside America’s Almost Legal Marijuana Industry," was published in spring 2011.

Regan has reported extensively on international economic issues. She traveled to the Tri-Border region of South America for an investigation into terrorist financing. Considered the most lawless region in the Western Hemisphere, the Tri-border region has become a haven for drug trafficking, arms smuggling and the distribution and manufacturing of pirated and counterfeit goods. Regan's investigation exposed a multi-billion dollar industry of counterfeit goods, illegal drugs and weapons – an industry that is bleeding the profits of American corporations while funding the activities of Islamic terrorists.

For her series on "Extreme Investing” Regan traveled to Colombia where she investigated the dramatic changes in the country's economy, reporting live from the infamous cities of Bogota and Medellin. While in the country, Regan conducted an exclusive interview with President Alvaro Uribe about the controversial Colombian free trade agreement.

Other assignments include Regan’s coverage the G-8 summit in Germany for CNBC, in which she reported on the increased tensions between the U.S. and Russia. For CNBC’s documentary unit, Regan traveled to the Canadian sub-Artic for a report on Alberta’s tar sands, seen as an alternative source of oil.

Regan joined CNBC from CBS News where she was a correspondent reporting for the "CBS Evening News" and "The Early Show" and contributed to "48 Hours" and "Face the Nation." In this role, Regan focused on U.S. economic policy issues affecting healthcare, the social security system and both private and government pensions. Regan also reported extensively on Latin American economic affairs including a series on terrorist fundraising in South America for which she was nominated for a National Emmy Award in Investigative Journalism. She also reported on Chile's privatized social security system, Brazil's ethanol boom and the leftist political momentum in Venezuela. Additionally, Regan covered prominent National events such as the 2006 State of the Union address and hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

Previously, Regan was a television correspondent for CBS MarketWatch contributing to Marketwatch.com and CBS News. In 2002, her work at CBS Marketwatch earned her The Most Outstanding Young Broadcast Journalist Award from the Northern California Society of Professional Journalists. Prior to MarketWatch, Regan reported for Bloomberg Television. Regan began her career working for Goldman, Sachs & Co. She graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a bachelor's degree in U.S. history. Regan is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


  • From housewives to growers to Mexican drug cartels, everyone seems to have a hand in the Emerald Triangle’s marijuana till.  It's hard to get teens to take fast-food jobs when they can make better money working in the marijuana groves.

  • commentary_growing_marijuana_200.jpg

    In an excerpt from a chapter in her forthcoming book, CNBC's Trish Regan visits the three-county area of Northern California known as the Emerald Triangle,  where more pot is grown than anywhere else in America.

  • A birds eye view of Mendocino county, California.

    Legalization: More Americans Say 'No'

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    As part of CNBC's coverage of tomorrow's Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting, two of the afternoon programs discussed a question we've been hearing in recent months: Has Warren Buffett lost his way? And does he get a "free pass" from the media?  Take a look at the video clips.

  • CNBC's Becky Quick spoke by telephone with Warren Buffett this morning.  Mr. Buffett tells Becky that all the speculation (specifically today's Wall Street Journal piece) about what he might be buying in these times of turmoil is just that, speculation.  PLUS: A video clip of the Motley Fool's Bill Mann on all that speculation and an interview with Buffett-watcher Andrew Kilpatrick.