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  • ISTANBUL, Oct 1- Turkey's Pegasus Airlines has started talks about a possible initial public offering in the first quarter of next year but may float less than 25 percent of the company, sources close to the negotiations said on Monday. Pegasus is part of Esas Holding, which is also active in the food, healthcare and retail sectors.

  • ISTANBUL, Oct 1- Retail prices in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, rose 1.34 percent month-on-month in September, while wholesale prices climbed 0.93 percent, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce said on Monday.

  • ISTANBUL, Oct 1- Turkey's exports rose 7.4 percent year-on-year in September to $11.41 billion, the Turkish Exporters Assembly said on Monday. In the first nine months of the year, exports climbed 12.1 percent to $111.46 billion. TIM releases its figures almost a month before the statistics institute and the two sets of data normally match.

  • ISTANBUL, Oct 1- Turkish bond prices and the lira were close to flat on Monday, showing little reaction to hikes in natural gas and electricity prices that, while steep, were less harsh than expected.

  • ANKARA, Oct 1- Turkey raised natural gas and electricity prices by 9.8 percent from Monday in line with rising global energy costs, state officials announced, a move that will help support public finances but will also increase inflation pressure. The yield on Turkey's new two-year benchmark bond.

  • *ANKARA- Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to hold talks with Masoud Barzani, president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region. ISTANBUL- Istanbul Chamber of Commerce releases September inflation data for Turkey's biggest city.

  • ISTANBUL, Oct 1- Here are news, reports and events that may affect Turkish financial markets on Monday. The euro, oil and Asian shares fell on Monday, weighed down by uncertainty about Spain's bailout and concerns over slumping demand due to a slowdown in global growth, with data from Japan to China underscoring sluggish business activity.

  • ANKARA, Oct 1- Turkey has raised the consumer price of natural gas by 9.8 percent from Monday in line with increasing global energy costs, state energy company Botas announced.

  • UNITED NATIONS, Oct 1- Syria accused the United States, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey on Monday of hijacking the country's 18- month conflict between government forces and pro-democracy rebel groups by supporting "terrorism" with arms, money and foreign fighters.

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    Investors know what they want, and it isn't the G4 currencies.

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    A Bank of Japan meeting looms and Spain shies away from a bailout — it's time for your FX Fix.

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    Japan is slowing and Italy talks tough — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Maslak is a neighborhood and one of the main business districts of Istanbul, Turkey.

    The chairman of Sabanci Holding, one of Turkey’s most powerful family-run conglomerates, said no decision had yet been made on the fate of its joint venture with Europe’s largest retailer, Carrefour.

  • Turkey Mosque

    Straddling Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Turkey is a Muslim country with ancient Christian roots but founded as a modern nation in 1923 by a militant secularist, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It’s now the fastest-growing economy in Europe.

  • Brazil has a statutory minimum of 30 days for vacation and 11 days for public holidays. Pictured: Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

    Investing abroad always poses risk but if you’re careful, though, you can profit nicely in overseas markets, some with double-digit year-over-year growth.

  • Talking Numbers: Turkish Market ETF Up 35%

    Discussing whether Turkey's latest economic growth makes for a great investment, with Joyce Chang, JPMorgan head of emerging markets research; and Mark Newton, Greywolf execution partners.

  • Maslak is a neighborhood and one of the main business districts of Istanbul, Turkey.

    Research has shown that there will continue to be a battle for top talent in Turkey, as it competes with the West to attract and retain the best employees, says Mark Hamill, CEO of global search firm SpenglerFox

  • Circa 1575  3.9 in. high, 8.9 in. wide £14,000 ($21,979)Like dishes and bowls, Iznik tiles were extremely decorative and detailed, often using the colors cobalt blue and emerald green, which were set on a white background.Tiles were often commissioned by Sultans for the walls of important buildings, as many a visitor to Istanbul knows.“This border tile contains part of a stylized meandering floral design, and along with similar tiles would have framed a large central pattern on the wall of a mo

    From carpets to calligraphy to ceramics, there is a lot of history and variety to the fine art of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire that preceded it.

  • Turkey's Energy Minister (2R), Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu (4R) and Turkish-Cypriot Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk (R), attend a ceremony an oil rig platform during a ground-breaking ceremony in the village of Sygkrasi, near Famagusta, where the state-run Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPOA) bored their first onshore probe on April 26, 2012.Turkey began its first exploratory oil and gas drilling in the breakaway northern sector of the divided Cyprus on April 26, amid a dispute over rights t

    Turkey’s dependence on imported oil is hampering its growth, and is likely to continue doing so as the country’s prosperity increases, regional analysts and energy experts say.

  • Ethernet cable connected to laptop computer.

    Turkey's information and communications technology sector is probably the foremost candidate for growth.