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    Despite the "epic failure" of the congressional "super committee," there is still support in Congress for a "go-big" deficit-reduction plan if the business community will push for it, Aetna Chief Executive Mark Bertolini said Tuesday.

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    Following the daily swings of the euro zone debt crisis, it can be difficult to focus on the long-term, bigger picture.

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    Recently Wal-Mart and other retailers have revived their mothballed layaway programs. Stores promote lay-away as a way for shoppers to avoid “debt” and still buy all the Christmas presents that they need. Lay-away is not debt, but like debt, it charges shoppers more money than the price of the goods.

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    Some experts say that job seekers often lie and that interviewers expect this, but the level of ‘lie’ can make or break the interview. CNBC.com spoke with experts and asked them if there are lies told at job interviews that are acceptable. Some responses might surprise you.

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    It is perfectly obvious that the euro zone cannot run as it is without fiscal union and a surrender of sovereignty, Lord Digby Jones, former director general at the Confederation of British Industry told CNBC Monday.

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    Unemployment recently hit a 15-year high in the UK, inflation is hovering around 5 percent and economic growth is barely advancing, leaving many to wonder whether hosting an expensive event like the 2012 Olympic Games with taxpayers’ money will bring benefits for a nation already tightening its belt.

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    The crisis in the euro zone has exposed the flaws of the 17-member currency union, and its leaders will need to take urgent action if they want the euro to survive, Warren Buffett told CNBC on Monday.

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    Ireland is viewed by many on the outside as the best performer from the struggling euro zone peripheral economies, but there are plenty of voices within the country who doubt this can continue.

  • If a week is a long time in politics, two weeks covering affairs of state in Italy can seem like an eternity. Maybe that's why Rome got its moniker, but having covered the fall of Berlusconi and the rise of Monti's technocrats, there's some relief things moved along quicker than I and investors feared.

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    Signals of market stress are increasing, with a growing number of measures now flashing yellow and some on the verge of flashing red. The longer this persists, the greater the risk of very large market moves - in either direction, depending on the economic and financial catalysts.

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    Here are some guidelines to help you get through the holiday-tipping season with your wallet and manners intact.

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    Economists are encouraged by signs that companies are not cutting workers, and they say November's jobs report could be better than October's tepid growth.

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    Instead of a super tax hike from the super committee, a much better option for the economy and budget-cutting credibility would be to implement plan B, which is the automatic spending-cut trigger known as sequestration.

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    The European Central Bank (ECB) should not be used as a lender of last resort to national governments, John Lipsky, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) First Deputy Managing Director, said on Friday.

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    A new book details what it really takes to be a good leader in today's world including asking, "Does your CEO pass the kitchen test?"

  • ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 16:   New Italian Prime Minister-designate, Mario Monti, speaks during a press conference to present the new government, at Quirinale Palace, on November 16, 2011 in Rome, Italy. Following the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, after a political career spanning over 20 years, Prime Minister designate Mario Monti presents the new Italian government. Their main task is to resolve Italy's deepening financial crisis within the Eurozone and address the cou

    Analysts identified five main problems – among them, over-regulation and low productivity – the country needs to tackle to make its economy more competitive.

  • Europe a Solution, Not a Problem: Spanish Politician

    "The solution for this crisis of the euro will be more economic governance at the European levels," Pedro Sanchez, the vice-president of the Spanish socialist party PSOE told CNBC ahead of difficult general elections. "Europe will never be the problem for the world or the member states, it will be the solution," he added.

  • Angie's List Debuts on Market

    The consumer review website's IPO spiked 20% in its first day of trading, reports CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

  • Life may begin at 40, but job searches that begin at that age can be discouraging. After all, it’s not the job market that it used to be. Entire professions are disappearing, and the labor market is flooded with unmarried, childless, eager young applicants whose salary requirements are generally lower.Despite this grim scenario, older workers shouldn’t despair. They bring such hard-won assets as experience and discipline to the table, and the people doing the hiring know it. “Savvy employers are

    CNBC.com spoke with experts in tech, human resources, and finance to determine which professions are best for workers over 40.

  • Getting America Back to Work

    There's good news on jobs, but still not enough to bring down long-term unemployment, with Carl Schramm, Kauffman Foundation president & CEO.