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  • Bank of France governor Christian Noyer leaves the Elysee Palace after a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy about the financial crisis.

    European Central Bank member Christian Noyer said on Monday it is unrealistic to expect an increase in Europe's bailout fund beyond what was agreed in July, but that he is open to schemes that would allow leveraging to expand capacity.

  • greece_athens_academy_200.jpg

    Greece was expected to unveil its plan on Sunday to begin laying off state workers, the most contentious part of a reform package demanded by the EU and IMF.

  • People scream at the New York police officers after an arrest was made on Broadway in front of Zuccotti Park, where demonstrators protesting against the financial system are gathering on September 19, 2011 in New York City.

    Occupy Wall Street has no appointed leaders, no expiration date and still-evolving goals and demands, the New York Times reports.

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    President  Obama and his House Republican adversaries feuded over how to best create jobs in the weakened U.S. economy Saturday, with Obama demanding Congress pass his $447 billion jobs bill and the GOP countering with a call for less government red tape.

  • The End of Progress

    In this guest blog, the author of "End of Progress" writes, "We have abandoned Adam Smith's sort of economics. In the technology and many other sectors, companies have generated huge profits because of a lack of competition. In the finance sector, profits have been excessive because of a lack of regulation."

  • Former Morgan Stanley chief U.S. investment strategist Byron Wien remains an optimist and sees the stock market rising by the end of the year, he told CNBC Thursday.  "I don’t think we’re in a recession."

  • Three 'Positive' Things to Watch

    Despite the markets recent wild swings, there is still enough positive "stuff" out to stay bullish, says Byron Wien, Blackstone Advisory Partners.

  • Rick Perry, Jobs & the Fed

    CNBC's John Harwood has Washington's reaction to Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry's comments about the Fed, jobs, healthcare and more.

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    As the sovereign debt crisis worsens, there is still a lack of a long term solution. Current rumors center on Europe extending their ability to bail out periphery economies.However, politics and implementation issues pose a significant challenge.As Greece has shown, so far these bailouts haven’t worked, and with debt burdens rising and problems spreading to the core, the situation is only getting tougher.

  • Germans vote yes on bailout powers, commodity prices bite - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • global_market_downturn_200.jpg

    Investors and consumers across the world are worried that the global economy is heading back into recession, but analysts at Goldman Sachs are warning the risk of a "great stagnation" is bigger than you might think.

  • innovationyou_200.jpg

    How would you change your life, the way you work, the way you play if you thought of yourself as a business? The author of "Innovation You" has some suggestions on how to bring out your very best on the job and in life.

  • refridgerator_office_200.jpg

    LinkedIn surveyed 17,000 office workers around the globe about pet peeves, and discovered what unites us and what divides us.


    Finding the balance between implementing austerity measures and supporting employment is a tough challenge that many European countries are facing. With fiscal consolidation policies in such different economies as the United Kingdom and Spain, the next challenge will be for them to find ways to juggle with the two key policies.

  • unemployment_line8_2011_200.jpg

    As the sovereign debt crisis is hits Europe and the idea of a double dip recession is starting to spread all over the world, G20 labor ministers gathered in Paris on Tuesday said job creation, particularly by small enterprises, was crucial in overcoming the financial crisis and warned that austerity measures needed to be balanced with the creation of jobs.

  • Market Meltdown

    Investors worldwide are taking fright at significant downside risks they perceive on both sides of the Atlantic, aided and abetted by what they deem to be ineffectual and directionless policy-making from Western governments.

  • CEO Marty Mucci goes one-on-one with Cramer.

  • Paychex CEO on Unemployment

    Paychex attributes the company's growth to increases in both checks per client and revenue per check, with Martin Mucci, Paychex president & CEO and Mad Money host Jim Cramer.

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    Amid all the turmoil in Europe, Germany is often viewed as something of a "good student," but it still has its challenges, the nation's Labor Minister Ursula Van Der Leyen said.

  • Dubai

    Even the Gulf countries were not spared by the European and U.S. debt crisis. With unemployment figures estimated as high as 12 percent, the United Arab Emirates has lots of gaps to fill, Saqr Ghobash, the minister of labor for the UAE, told CNBC.com Tuesday.