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  • Mad Money, August 16, 2011

    Mad Money host and former hedge fund manager, Jim Cramer, provides stock traders with all manner of investing advice.

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    They say nice guys finish last and, despite your mom’s protests, that may actually be true. That jerk at work may be getting paid more than you.

  • Paul Krugman

    Paul Krugman recently linked to a 1998 paper he wrote on how monetary policy loses its effectiveness in “a liquidity trap.”

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    The volatility in the markets this past week may be reminiscent of what took place in August and September of 2008, but this summer of our discontent is a far cry from what the world faced three years ago.

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    As a potential career, the financial advisory business looks alluring.  There's less competition to become a broker than other occupations, and the pay can be quite good. It ain't easy. though.

  • Retirement

    Millions of jobs are expected to be created in the next decade in order to handle the eruption of  elderly and aging U.S. citizens.

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    As more companies realize the value of aligning information technology projects with business goals, employers are looking for people with solid business skills to fill certain roles in the IT department.

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    JumpStart NYC was created to help unemployed professionals apply their knowledge, skills and abilities in opportunities at small, entrepreneurial companies.

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    Whether you’ve been laid off or you crave more satisfaction, looking for a position doing something you’ve never done before invariably comes with second-guessing.

  • The salary of a profession is among the most compelling factors for many individuals deciding what career path to follow, what degree to peruse or even where to live. With data recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics , BLS, CNBC.com took a look at the most highly-compensated occupations in the country, based upon BLS job definitions. The BLS also breaks down average salaries geographically and by industry, which can help job seekers understand the areas to look in order to find where

    The salary of a profession is among the most compelling factors for many individuals deciding what career path to follow, what degree to persue or even where to live. So, what are the highest paying jobs in the country?

  • While graduate school is typically a safe shelter from the storm in an unforgiving job market, some who have gone back to school or recently graduated are finding that the college degree is worth the investment. The average salary for some professions is going up. The college class of 2011's average starting salary is $51,018, up from $48,661 last year, according to a report from the  NACE. Twice a year, NACE surveys its 900 member employers and 1,800 colleges and universities to come up with a

    What college degrees are pulling in the best paychecks? Click to find out!

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    With many jobs and businesses becoming obsolete because of technology, and the slow recovery generating few jobs, education may be the ticket to a new career.

  • Hand plant money

    A new report shows “green job” growth to be one of the few bright spots in the national employment picture — but reveals the sector still has some growing pains.

  • Back To Work - A CNBC Special Report

    With job growth painfully slow, the clean tech industry is one of the sectors bucking the trend.

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    With the U.S. unemployment rate stuck around 9 percent and a fragile economic recovery underway, many workers feel they are left with no choice but to take their careers into their own hands.

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    Many laid-off workers have turned to retraining as a lifeline, taking courses to increase their skills and abilities in hopes of landing a new job.

  • Back To Work - A CNBC Special Report

    While everyone agrees gains in hiring have been slow,  there's little agreement on the cause.

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    One lasting benefit of this recession may be the greatly improved linkage between employers and colleges that now provide much more precise information to students seeking fruitful, long-lasting jobs when they graduate.

  • Game Plan: Keep Your Eye on Next Week

    Mad Money host and former hedge fund manager, Jim Cramer, says the woes of this week haven't gone away, they have simply gone underground for a couple of days. They will resurface next week for certain.

  • Everybody knows that it’s a tough job market out there. One group of people who are intimately acquainted with that reality are the young adults known as Millennials. Opinions vary on their demographics. Some people say that they’re people born between 1975 and 1990, and others put the birth date at 1990 and later. However, when the quibbling is over, the fact remains that Millennials are young adults who are having a hard time finding work these days.The job market has been changing for many ye

    It’s a tough job market out there, especially for the young adults known as Millennials. What are some good job prospects for Millennials? Find out!