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  • Watch for FTSE oil and gas dividend payouts

    Despite the falling price of crude, research from Markit suggests that total dividends from FTSE 350 oil and gas companies will rise in 2015. Ryan Bransfield, head of UK dividend research at Markit, discusses the trend.

  • UK elections: What to expect from Labour

    As the U.K. election draw closer, the Labour Party is set to launch its party's manifesto and rebrand itself as fiscally responsible. CNBC's Catherine Boyle reports.

  • Grand National: The beauty of betting

    The Grand National are taking place this weekend and all eyes are on the lucky horse. Alex Donohue from Ladbrokes, talks about the popular bets for the race and other aspects of the sporting event.

  • UK Pensions: A huge social experiment

    The landscape of the pensions is about to be shaken up in the UK. Tom McPhail, Head of Pensions Research at Hargreaves Lansdown, weighs in on the risks that could occur from this dramatic change.

  • Travel around London like James Bond

    Keen on an ultimate 007 experience in London? Follow CNBC's Susan Li as she cruises along the River Thames on an adventure worthy of James Bond.

  • The super-yachts at 2015 London Boat Show

    CNBC's luxury travel program "First Class" heads to the annual London Boat Show to find out more about the world's sleekest super-yachts.

  • Here's where to live like a queen in London

    CNBC's Susan Li travels to the British capital in this episode of "First Class" and checks in at the most luxurious hotels in town.

  • Cheap euro is here to stay

    Jesper Bargmann, head of Trading, Asia at Nordea Markets, says factors like Greece will weigh on the euro, which is likely to hit parity with the U.S. dollar within the next few months.

  • Jim Cramer on the set of Mad Money

    “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer turns your attention to a social star that may be ready to roar.

  • Deutsche Bank signage.

    Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest financial institution, is in talks to resolve an interest rate manipulation case. NYT reports.

  • How the UK elections impacts BoE rates

    Michael Sneyd, FX strategist at BNP Paribas, says that he thinks the Bank of England will hike rates sooner than analysts predict. However, the timing depends on the U.K. election outcome, he says.

  • Is UK land rich in oil?

    There could be 100 billion barrels worth of oil onshore, in the South of England. Jeremy Stretch, head of FX strategy at CIBC, weighs in with his thoughts, after reports of a larger-than-expected oil find near London's Gatwick airport.

  • United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage

    The UK Independence Party has made a bid for the female vote, vowing to scrap the sales tax on tampons and sanitary pads.

  • The Bank of England

    The Bank of England kept policy unchanged on Thursday, as investors focused their attention on next month’s too-close-to-call general election.

  • BoE rate remains unchanged

    The Bank of England has kept its interest rate unchanged at 0.5 percent.

  • Are UK businesses sitting on cash surpluses?

    ICAEW has published a survey suggesting that UK businesses are sitting on cash surpluses and are less likely to invest until they feel more secure. Stephen Ibbotson, director of business at ICAEW, explains more.

  • UK inflation at zero: Worth being happy about?

    With the UK's inflation at zero, is this something to be happy about? CNBC's Catherine Boyle, says that if people are relying on a consumer-driven recovery, it's not the most secure of recoveries for the UK.

  • UK pensions landscape: The risks

    New rules are dramatically shaking up the landscape of UK pensions. Brian Hilliard, chief UK economist at Societe Generale, discusses the potential risks.

  • Hilliard: 25% chance of a 'Brexit' referendum

    Brian Hilliard, chief UK economist at Societe Generale, explains why he thinks there's a 25 percent chance of a "Brexit" referendum and the consequences that could come of it.

  • Hilliard: BoE will do nothing today

    With the Bank of England meeting today, as the UK inflation hits zero, Brian Hilliard, chief UK economist at Societe Generale, talks about his expectations for today and the future of the UK economy, saying the next BoE rate hike will be in 2016.