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  • Will US go it alone in Syria?

    NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin has the latest details on the unrest in Syria. And Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the likelihood of a U.S. military strike on Syria now that the United Kingdom has signaled it will not intervene.

  • What's Washington's next move in Syria?

    NBC's Richard Engel reports how the UK's decision to stay out of military intervention in Syria will likely impact the region. And Reuel Marc Gerecht, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, provides his perspective on what President Obama's next move in the Middle East should include.

  • Syrian government remains defiant: Reporter

    NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports the latest developments in Syria as a growing number of refugees flee to Jordan and Lebanon, and the United Kingdom and Germany signal they will not participate in a military strike.

  • David Cameron

    "[T]he British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action," UK Prime Minister Cameron said.

  • UN inspectors begin day 3 of investigation

    The situation in Syria is tense as inspectors continue their chemical investigation in Syria and the British House of Commons meet to debate action in Syria, reports NBC's Richard Engel.

  • UK lawmakers debate over Syria

    The British Parliament is holding a special session to discuss "appropriate measures" in response to Syria's alleged chemical weapons attack, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  • Is US in lose-lose situation in Syria?

    NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports the latest developments in Syria as UN inspectors continue their investigation, and Col. Jack Jacobs, Medal of Honor recipient, discusses the possible fallout from a U.S.-led retaliatory attack on Syria.

  • Syria: punitive strike to be launched soon?

    The U.S. has revealed that only a few hours would be needed after Obama's decision for a punitive strike to be launched, even if taken outside UN framework, reports NBC's Richard Engel.

  • Carney is not changing 'his path': pro

    Charles Diebel, head of market strategy at Lloyds Bank Wholesale Banking and Markets, comments on John Carney's first official speech as Bank of England governor, and says it was a "reiteration" of what had already been said.

  • Carney said 'nothing new': economist

    Rob Wood, chief U.K. economist at Berenberg Bank, reacts to Carney's speech and says it was "as dovish" as it could have been.

  • Carney: more economic stimulus possible

    In his first official speech, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney says fresh economic stimulus is a possibility.

  • Can the UK and US act swiftly in Syria?

    Lord Malloch Brown, former UN deputy secretary general and former foreign office minister, praises the U.K. and U.S. for their reaction to the situation in Syria and talks about how an action could be made.

  • Can US and UK strike Syria without UN approval?

    Hugo Dixon, editor-at-large at Breaking Views, comments on Syria and highlights that it's crucial that the U.S. and U.K display the evidence they say they have before any strike takes place.

  •  JLIF: Confident on meeting growth targets

    David Marshall, fund manager, at John Laing Infrastructure Fund, tells CNBC that they've had another good set of results and are growing very fast.

  • Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, at the bank's quarterly inflation report news conference

    Bank of England (BoE) Governor Mark Carney will make his first public speech on Wednesday and analysts expect him to try and persuade businesses that interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future.

  • Political issues key for Europe yields: Pro

    Tom Rogers, Senior economic adviser to the Ernst & Young Eurozone Forecast says political issues are the key factor for movements in European yields.

  • Can London housing strength spread to rest of UK?

    Grainne Gilmore, head of U.K. residential research at Knight Frank, discusses the London property market and how price growth is starting to radiate outside the prime London space.

  • Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to promote the advanced medical technology industry as part of a plan to breathe new life into the economy- but the country's doctors' lobby is opposing what they say is risky surgery.

  • U.S. military and national security advisers huddled with President Barack Obama at the White House on Saturday to consider options for responding to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government this week.

  • Why UK growth number was revised

    Philip Shaw, chief economist at Investec, discusses the U.K.'s upwardly-revised second quarter GDP number, and why the positive momentum is sustainable.