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  • Gold's signal to stocks

    Deirdre Bosa uses Kensho to look at what happens to stocks after a stellar quarter for gold.

  • Is the market too complacent?

    Volatility is sitting at a year-to-date low as the S&P tracks for its first positive month since November. But according to one strategist, the market is about to unravel.

  • Why Apple is going to hit $170

    Apple shares are up 13% in the last month, and according to one technician the stock is about to go parabolic.

  • Hickey: Stocks are becoming overbought

    Bespoke's Paul Hickey discusses the state of the market with Brian Sullivan.

  • Googling for rate hikes?

    Nicholas Colas of Convergex and Dennis Davitt of Harvest Volatility Advisors discuss Google Trends and the Fed's next move with Brian Sullivan.

  • US dollar to buck higher?

    What will the Fed decision mean for the dollar? Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Ari Wald of Oppenheimer discuss with Brian Sullivan.

  • Buy the winning stocks?

    Are outperforming stocks the best ones to invest in now? Ari Wald of Oppenheimer and Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management discuss with Brian Sullivan.

  • Confused about oil? Try this strategy: Trader

    The sudden surge in crude in the past month has oil stocks booming—making energy the second best performing sector during that period. But according to one trader who relied heavily on the options market, the move in one of the biggest components of that sector is getting a little long in the tooth.

  • High valuations, poor performance

    What behind the drop in speculative stocks? Nicholas Colas of ConvergEx and Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray discuss with Brian Sullivan.

  • Safety stocks surge

    Have "safe" sectors become overbought? Erin Gibbs of S&P Investment Advisory and Max Wolff of Manhattan Venture Partners discuss with Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

  • More pain for FANG stocks: Trader

    It's been a tough year for the once beloved FANG stocks, and Todd Gordon sees even more pain in store for one name in particular.

  • NYT: Energy Transfer considers pulling out of Williams

    David Faber joins the Power Lunch team to discuss The New York Times report that Energy Transfer Equity is considering abandoning its deal with the Williams Companies.

  • Fast Money Trader Brian Kelly explains why Gold is about to soar

  • Microsoft could be due for a breakout

    After leading the declines this year, tech stocks are finding their footing. One trader sees more profits in one of the Nasdaq's largest stocks: Microsoft.

  • Trading Nation: Massively oversold, more losses ahead?

    Are stocks sniffing out a recession? David Seaburg, Cowen, and Nick Colas, Convergex, discuss the latest market conditions.

  • Trading Nation: Rush into gold miners?

    Max Wolff, Manhattan Venture Partners, says he expects miners and gold to continue heading up. Dennis Davitt, Harvest Volatility Advisors, says to buy gold as a hedge if you're worried about your equity portfolio going lower.

  • Trading Nation: Stocks slide

    Larry McDonald, Societe Generale, and Erin Gibbs, S&P Investment Advisory, weigh in on yield action and discuss sentiment in the markets

  • Is oil's market influence waning?

    The Canadian dollar may be sending a powerful message about crude oil’s importance for markets. Boris Schlossberg and Phillip Streible discuss with Brian Sullivan.

  • The bond market's economic signal

    Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Phillip Streible of RJO Futures discuss Treasurys with Brian Sullivan.

  • Trading Nation: Go for the gold?

    Phillip Streible, RJO Futures, and Boris Schlossberg, BK Asset Management, discuss the attractive value in gold.