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US futures green as oil slides

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen reports China's GDP data came in line with estimates, and U.S. futures are suggesting a higher stock market open.

China GDP grew 6.8% in Q4

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen reports China's economy grew 6.8 percent in the Q4 of 2015.

The experts' take on China GDP

Zhao Yang, China chief economist at Nomura, and Mark Grant, MD and chief fixed income strategist at Hilltop Securities, discuss their expectations for China's GDP figures.

Chinese are jittery about the economy

Chinese citizens are really worried about a potential hard landing in the economy, reports CNBC's Eunice Yoon.

chinese stocks investor positive.jpg

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen reports that China is scheduled to release growth numbers, while stocks in Asia are slightly higher on the day.

Rep. John Lewis: Voting rights debate as clear as in ’63 and ‘65

Civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) looks back on his work alongside Martin Luther King Jr. during the movement, shares his thoughts on the partisan, ideological and racial polarization in today’s politics and comments on the current chapter of the voting rights debate.

Rep. John Lewis: 'Mr. President, I love you, too'

Civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) reflects on President Barack Obama’s legacy in office.

A Chinese bank staff member counting stacks of 100-yuan notes at a bank in Huaibei, east China's Anhui province.

Julian Evans-Pritchard, China economist at Capital Economics, says China's official 2015 GDP will be 6.9 percent, but the data will be met with skepticism.

Tech decline bad omen?

Discussing the decline in tech stocks, with Walter Price, Allianz Global Investors portfolio manager.

Will China impact the Fed?

CNBC's Steve Liesman reports many of the respondents to CNBC's Fed Survey still think the Federal Reserve's next move will be a rate hike.

Mortgage rates hit 3.75 percent

Mortgage rates are falling at the fastest pace of the year, reports CNBC's Diana Olick with a look at what's happening in the housing sector.

CNBC update: Round 2 of Afghan peace talks

CNBC's Sara Eisen reports on today's top headline-making news, including peace talks aimed at bringing Afghanistan's 15-year war with the Taliban to an end.

These areas are priced for recession: Pro

Bill Smead, Smead Capital Management, and Larry Glazer, Mayflower Advisors, discuss what they are telling clients about investing amid uncertain markets.

Middle East markets update

CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on trading action in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Tehran and Qatar.

Energy hits fresh lows

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis has the update on Monday's action in the oil sector after sanctions are lifted on Iran.

The problem with Chinese data...

John Rutledge, Safanad chief investment strategist, shares his thoughts on China's GDP and real economic growth. And Mike Santoli, CNBC senior market commentator, weighs in on how a pullback in China has hit small cap U.S. stocks. Actually, on a day-to-day basis, it's about oil, says Santoli.

China is a capital outflow story: Expert

John Rutledge, Safanad chief investment strategist, shares perspective on turmoil in Chinese markets after a volatile session on Monday and authorities move to stabilize the yuan.

Traditional economic concepts don’t work anymore: WEF

World Economic Forum’s founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, discusses China’s economic transition and why he remains optimistic.

Likelihood of US recession

Discussing the U.S. economy and potential spillover from emerging markets, with Tom Porcelli, RBC chief U.S. economist.

Wal-Mart sliding after plans to close 269 stores

CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports on Wal-Mart's announcement to close some U.S. stores.

Financials drag down markets

Citigroup CFO John Gerspach, shared his view of global economies, and Wells Fargo answered questions on the housing sector, with CNBC's Kayla Tausche.

S&P Tech sector down 9% YTD

Fifty four percent of the tech stocks in the S&P 500 are in bear market territory, reports CNBC's Josh Lipton.

Momo stocks lose mojo

Investors are selling momentum names as fast as they bought them, says CNBC's Josh Lipton. A look at Twitter, Square, GoPro and Box.

Buy the dip?

How much further do markets and oil have to go lower, with Doug Ramsey, Leuthold Group CIO.

CNBC Update: Postal rate hike

The British Parliament is beginning a debate on a petition calling for Donald Trump to be banned from the country; and the Postal Service announced new rate hikes for some services, reports CNBC's Morgan Brennan.

Has the buck stopped here?

CNBC's Rick Santelli looks at the value of the dollar.

Recession fears rising

What is the probability of a recession in the U.S.? CNBC's Steve Liesman looks to the answers in the CNBC Fed Survey.

When S&P starts year down 8%...

CNBC's Eric Chemi reports on the selloff to start the year, and whether it's good or bad for the markets the rest of the year.

Outlook for tech

We have a strong buy opinion on Apple right now, explains Scott Kessler, S&P Capital IQ.

European markets close under pressure

CNBC's Simon Hobbs is watching all the action in Europe at the market close, including Italian banks taking a hit.