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The connected bosom: A look at the smart bra

OMsignal's smart bra got a lot of attention at CES this year. CNBC's Jeniece Pettitt meets the co-founder of the company to learn more.

The best time to play the Powerball was actually $600M ago

While a bigger jackpot might seem like a good reason to expect a bigger payout on your $2 Powerball ticket, CNBC’s Zack Guzman explains the data that says otherwise.

State of the Union in two minutes

Here's a recap of Tuesday's State of the Union key moments.

GOP response primary

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina speaks on America's leadership and President Obama's final State of the Union address.

Oil prices reflect downward momentum: IHS

Dan Yergin, vice chairman of IHS, says there is nothing particularly significant between $29-$31 per barrel for oil prices.

We should just short equities: Investor

Axel Merk, president and CIO at Merk Investments, says he agrees with JPMorgan's advice to sell on any market rally.

Bristol-Myers CEO: Looking forward to 2016

Bristol-Myers Squibb CEO Dr. Giovanni Caforio, provides insight to his company's position in the biotech industry, and the thinking about pricing in cancer drugs.

California rejects VW's diesel recall plan

California rejects VW's diesel recall plan, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

VW responds to diesel recall plan rejection

California has rejected Volkswagen's diesel recall plan, and VW has responded, saying they are meeting with the EPA tomorrow, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

BioMarin CEO on drug pricing, approval

BioMarin CEO Jean-Jacques Bienaime, discusses drug pricing, the sentiment of investors in biotech and his expectations for the company's Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug.

Apple should convince Musk to sell Tesla: expert CEO Jason Calacanis says Apple could be focusing its car efforts on building software, would take several years to develop a car.

President Obama: THIS is one of the few regrets of my presidency

President Obama reveals one of his main regrets during his presidency, and the danger of polarization facing today's political system.

Obama: Need to reject any politics that targets race or religion

President Obama discusses the importance of equality for all by rejecting any politics that targets someone just because of their race or religion.

Obama: If you doubt our forces, ask Osama bin Laden

President Obama discusses the importance of taking down killers and fanatics who need to be 'hunted down and destroyed.'

Obama: Priority #1 going after terrorist networks

President Obama discusses how to keep America safe and the power of the US military.

President Obama: America must lead fight against climate change

President Obama highlights the progress the country has made in shifting toward renewable fuels, and the benefits that have come with it.

Obama: Every American must be active in public life

President Obama concludes his final State of the Union address as he reflects on the road traveled in the last seven years.

Obama: New economy should work for everyone

President Obama discusses the middle class and what the country needs to do to assure that everyone has a chance to succeed in the new economy.

President Obama: Social Security more important than ever

President Obama addresses the importance of protecting Social Security and ensuring workers have a comfortable retirement with reliable healthcare.

Obama: 4 big questions we have to answer

President Obama discusses four issues he wants to address, including how to make technology impact the economy and making education affordable for everyone.

President Obama: Our foreign policy goals can't end with defeating ISIS

President Obama explains why America's foreign policy should begin with battling ISIS, but can't stop there.

President Obama: I will keep pushing for work that must be done

President Obama delivers his final State of the Union address and reflects on the road traveled in the last seven years.

'Democrats are laughing less about Trump'

NBC News' Steve Handelsman reports on the latest developments in the race to the White House.

Cramer Remix: No sell-off relief in sight

‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer on why a trading bounce doesn’t mean there’s real relief headed our way.

Cramer: Don't rely on activist hedge funds, understand what you own!!!

Mad Money Jim Cramer uses examples to show you why it's important to do your homework and not blindly follow the moves of an activist hedge fund manager.

Mike Khouw, President & Chief Strategist, Optimize Advisors, looks at implied dividend cuts in the energy space.

Exxon Mobil

The "Fast Money" traders give you 6 names to watch ahead of tomorrow's opening bell.

Oil company dividends not sustainable: analyst

Anish Kapadia, managing director & senior research analyst at Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. explains why companies are outspending in order to pay dividends, even as oil hovers around $30.

4 Stocks, 4 trades: Apple upgraded at BofA

The FMHR traders take their positions on four stocks making news today, including Bank of America upgrading Apple, and Time Warner in question.

Musk: It's obvious Apple is building a car

Tesla's owner opens up about the prospect of Apple building its own electric car.