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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway holding company has cuts its controversial stake in PetroChina to just under 8%. His motives for selling remain a matter of speculation between making money and making a statement.

  • Bear Stearns Not Holding Talks With Potential Suitors Thursday, 27 Sep 2007 | 4:08 PM ET

    Investment bank Bear Stearns is not holding talks about selling a stake to Warren Buffett or any other investors, contrary to news reports from Wednesday, CNBC's David Faber reported.

  • Buffett May Consider Bear Stearns Stake Thursday, 27 Sep 2007 | 11:31 AM ET

    Legendary investor Warren Buffett may be considering buying a minority stake in the nation's fifth-largest investment bank, according to a newspaper report.

  • Lots of skepticism after today's New York Times report that Warren Buffett is among several investors talking with Bear Stearns about possibly taking a minority stake in the brokerage.

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    Omaha Police Department Public Information Office tells me today that there is a "possible suspect" in the attempted break-in at Warren Buffett's home earlier this month. The OPD says that as part of their ongoing investigation, "detectives obtained a surveillance photograph from a store" of the possible suspect.

  • Bear Stearns Jumps on Report of Buffett Talks Wednesday, 26 Sep 2007 | 5:41 PM ET

    Bear Stearns shares soared on Wednesday on a report that several investors, including Warren Buffett, may buy part of the Wall Street investment bank.

  • Just minutes ago, the New York Times reported on its web site that Warren Buffett, and several other outside investors, are in "serious talks" with Bear Stearns about buying a minority stake of as much as 20% of the troubled Wall Street firm. Our own Charlie Gasparino speaking on CNBC TV, however, says he doesn' know anything for sure, but he doubts that Buffett would want to buy a stake in Bear Stearns.

  • Warren Buffett's Burlington Northern increased its stake in freight railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe again .. but not by much.  That is, if you consider a half-million dollars to be not that much, and when you're talking about Warren Buffett, I suppose it really isn't.

  • "Beloved" Buffett's Net Worth Rises to $52 Billion Friday, 21 Sep 2007 | 10:56 AM ET

    The annual Forbes 400 ranking of the richest Americans is out, and Warren Buffett is keeping his number two slot with an estimated net worth of $52 billion, $7 billion behind Microsoft's Bill Gates with $59 billion.

  • Bill Gates Again Tops List of Richest Americans Friday, 21 Sep 2007 | 9:42 AM ET
    Bill Gates

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the richest person in America for the 14th year in a row, followed by investor Warren Buffett, according to Forbes magazine's latest list of the wealthiest Americans.

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway holding company has bought some more call options on Burlington Northern Santa Fe, but not nearly as many as revealed in another filing earlier this month.

  • Warren Buffett Trims PetroChina Stake in Third Filing Thursday, 20 Sep 2007 | 9:43 PM ET

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has once again trimmed its stake in PetroChina. The sale of 28 million shares for roughly $40 million reduces his stake to 8.93 percent from just over 11 percent earlier this year.  The selling comes amid calls by human-rights activists for Buffett to divest from PetroChina due to the government-controlled company's ties with Sudan.  Buffett, however, has said he couldn't influence the Chinese if he wanted to and most analysts think he's locking in profits.

  • We don't know for sure why Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been reducing its stake in PetroChina, but he's been selling more shares than you might have thought.  One group that's been urging Buffett to divest as a protest against China's "funding of the genocide in Darfur" thinks there's a message in the "steady series" of sales.

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    The daughter of Warren Buffett's mentor and business partner David Dodd is giving $128.5 million over a period of twenty years to the George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  It's being called "one of the largest single gifts to an existing independent school in the United States." 

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    In a live telephone interview with CNBC's Becky Quick, Warren Buffett said today's decision by the Federal Reserve on interest rates won't make "any difference whatsoever" to his investment decisions. He said even if he knew exactly what the Fed's announcement will be at around 2:15pm ET today, he would "change a single buy or sell order."

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    In a transcript of a CNBC interview, Warren Buffett talks about a $128 gift being given to a Pennsylvania school by the daughter of a man who had an "enormous impact" on his life and investing style.

  • Warren Buffett tells CNBC that when it comes to stock investing, he "doesn't care" if the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates.  Read a transcript of his comments to Becky Quick about the Fed, his investing strategies, and the price of oil.

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    Warren Buffet's investing partner and Berkshire Hathaway Vice-Chairman Charles Munger has made a couple of very big donations to a pair of schools in the Los Angeles area.

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    If you want to fly with Warren Buffett's private-jet company in Europe, you're going to have to fly 'green.' NetJets Europe, a Berskhire Hathaway subsidiary, has announced that it will be charging customers $5500 a year to pay for carbon-offsets.

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has sold some more of its stake in PetroChina.  The question is: Is Buffett selling for the profits or to make a statement against China's human-rights record in Darfur?