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    Warren Buffett releases his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 8a ET as part of the company's annual report.  The 10,000+ word document is, as AP puts it, "one of the best-read and most-quoted business documents every year."  And this year, it has an even bigger built-in audience, as Berkshire's shareholder base expands with the acquisition of Burlington Northern and a 50-for-1 stock split of the Class B shares.

  • Plus, Michael Ward tells us if we can trust that recent dividend boost.

  • Business Week magazine cover: Hold for Mr. Buffett Please

    Warren Buffett can be a great boss, hands-off and complimentary, with plenty of great advice if you want or need it.  But it really helps if you're making money for him.  Otherwise, writes Alice Schroeder in the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, "the famously passive investor can swing into action to protect his investment."

  • Warren Buffett hosts charity lunch at Smith & Wollensky in New York City.  Salida Capital CEO Courtenay Wolfe is at the far left in this screen grab from CNBC video.

    Warren Buffett is in New York City today to host the high bidders from last year's "lunch of a lifetime" charity auction.  Canada's Salida Capital paid $1.68 million for the steak meal, and the opportunity to have eight guests ask Buffett questions, with no time or subject-matter limit.

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    For the third straight year, Warren Buffett will be answering your questions during a special three-hour live appearance starting at 6a ET, Monday, March 1 on CNBC's Squawk Box. Our Becky Quick will be in Omaha for the event.   Here's how you can tell us what you want to know.

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    In contrast to Warren Buffett's long-term optimism for America's economic future, Charlie Munger has a more gloomy outlook.  Buffett's long-time business partner and 'right-hand man' is getting some online interest with a parable "about how one nation came to financial ruin."

  • Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been adding to his position in Republic Services this past quarter. Should investors follow Buffett and bank on the trash-disposal stocks? James Altucher, managing director at Formula Capital, shared his insights.

  • Stocks rose for second day Wednesday as a Deere earnings beat and a rebound in housing starts helped renew investor optimism about the recovery. Consumer stocks were among the best performers; energy, the weakest.

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

    Warren Buffett eased the throttle on energy while Bill Ackman had less on Target. George Soros and John Paulson loaded up on financials, while Carl Icahn backed off on Yahoo but jumped into Take Two.

  • Stocks opened higher Wednesday after Deere blew past earnings expectations and a report showed a rebound in housing starts.

  • Wall Street looks set to extend the previous session's gains Wednesday, with stock index futures pointing to a modest rise.

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway dramatically cut its stakes last fall in two of the nation's biggest oil companies. It also significantly reduced its holdings of Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been welcomed into the benchmark S&P 500 index with a surge of trading just before today's close at the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Warren Buffett’s company will join the S&P 500 on Friday. Find out why Cramer thinks you should own it.

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    Warren Buffett's "bet on America" is now official.  Berkshire Hathaway has just issued a news release announcing the "closing of the merger of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation ('BNSF') with and into a subsidiary of Berkshire.

  • Warren Buffett and BNSF Chairman Matthew Rose "pose in front of one of BNSF's new, fuel-efficient locomotives."

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe shareholders have voted to approve the railroad's proposed acquisition by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, with less than two percent of non-Berkshire owned shares voting against the deal. 70 percent of shares were voted in favor of the deal, a few points above the 66-2/3 percent margin needed.

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    In "extremely preliminary" results announced this morning, Burlington Northern shareholders show a slight preference for Berkshire Hathaway stock, rather than cash, as payment in the proposed Berkshire-BNSF merger.

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    Fitch is downgrading its ratings on Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, ahead of the company's planned acquisition of Burlington Northern Santa Fe.  The market, however, may upgrade the company's stock price Friday after the deal closes and just before the Baby B shares are formally added to the S&P 500.

  • Nassim Taleb

    'Black Swan' author Nassim Taleb's latest comment about Warren Buffett's luck has generated some heat, including this email from Buffett author Janet Tavakoli.  She writes, "Warren Buffett loves luck as much as the next man, but he doesn’t rely on it."

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    Video clips of Warren Buffett and Hank Paulson discussing the credit crisis and the economy in an appearance before the Greater Omaha Chamber on Tuesday, February 9, 2010.