Top News & Analysis Washington DC

  • Is DC killing the economy?

    Ben White, Politico, "counts the ways" Washington is killing the economy. Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and CNBC's John Harwood weigh in.

  • Dershowitz: Conservative at heart?

    Discussing abortion laws, the issue of diversity at Harvard, the NSA controversy, and a funny story about O.J. Simpson's trial, with Alan Dershowitz, author of "Taking the Stand."

  • Sick of the lack of leadership in DC: Farr

    Discussing how Washington will win back Wall Street, with Michael Farr, Farr, Miller and Washington, and Jeff Kilburg, KKM Financial.

  • Phil Mcconkey on markets, NFL picks

    Discussing whether the D.C. drama has impacted investments, with former New York Giants wide receiver Phil McConkey of Academy Securities.

  • Views on Washington around the US

    Discussing the extent of disappoint over the government shutdown, with Paul Burka, Texas Monthly; Rick Pearson, Chicago Tribune; and Shirley Leung, Boston Globe.

  • The U.S. Capitol

    The Obama administration was able to scrape up against the government's debt ceiling for five months before it came to the brink of default. It could have less breathing room in 2014.

  • A lesson in negotiations with Gov. Richardson

    Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, author of "How to Sweet-Talk a Shark," provides advice for the mess in Washington, negotiating your salary at work, and negotiating with your children at home.

  • Washington, its own little world

    While business leaders remain frustrated after the prolonged budget stalemate, Zane Tankel, Chairman and CEO of Apple-Metro explains why he thinks Washington and New York is a "tale of two countries."

  • Hands off Medicare and social security: Union

    Organized labor is making it clear it opposes any idea involving social security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts. Damon Silvers of AFL-CIO, shares his opinions. "We are not going to give cover to Democrats who think it's a good idea to take away economic security to our most vulnerable citizens," he says.

  • Washington gets back to work

    Ben White, Politico chief economic correspondent, shares his thoughts on lessons learned from the government shutdown and why raising taxes still remains an obstacle.

  • Stop the over-regulation of business: Hutchison

    Discussing the cost of the budget battle, with Ari Melber, co-host of MSNBC's "The Cycle"; David Drucker, Washington Examiner; and Former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R).

  • DC-proof stock picks

    Susan Fulton, FBB Capital Partners and Michael Farr, Miller & Washington President, discuss what stocks you should be looking at now.

  • Crazy how costs have gone up: Ridgewells CEO

    Is there anything Congress can do to win back the hearts of businesses? Susan Lacz, Ridgewells CEO says it has become harder to make a profit.

  • Pork, earmarks & kickbacks

    Politico's chief economic correspondent Ben White digs into the bill passed by Congress Wednesday. White outlines some of the kickbacks for Americans.

  • Can Congress get past political differences?

    Now both sides of the aisles must decide whether they "want to go big or go small," as Congress attempts to reach a long-term deal on cutting spending and taxes, reports CNBC's John Harwood.

  • Buffett: 'Credit worthiness is like virginity'

    On "Squawk Box," Warren Buffett says it would be hard for the United States to regain financial credibility if it is unable to resolve Washington's fight over raising the debt limit.

  • Same-sex couples seeking a divorce face a complicated legal ride due to differences among the states in their laws concerning gay relationships.

  • Social Security checks

    Millions of recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees can expect historically small increases in their benefits come January.

  • Small companies that rely on federal contracts have been dealt a severe blow.

  • D.C. Powerball form

    You thought you were in luck with a winning lottery ticket—but think again if you're in the nation's capital.